Why Aren't Democrats Coming Out in Force to Denounce the Increasing Violence of the Mob?

I said it was coming, Rand Paul was afraid it was going to escalate, and the right warned the left what the results would be, yet the left didn’t listen.

As Streiff covered earlier, two GOP members were assaulted on separate occasions in the state of Minnesota just days after one of its Democratic Party officials called for violence to happen against Republicans. The Minnesota Democratic Party has suspended the member without pay, though some say the punishment doesn’t go far enough.


The two Republicans who were assaulted were Minnesota state representative Sarah Anderson and state representative candidate Shane Mekeland. Anderson was assaulted by a Democrat who was ripping up Republican yard signs, who attacked her when she attempted to confront him. She only escaped him when she got into her car and threw it into reverse. Mekeland was sucker punched while speaking with constituents at a restaurant in Benton County.

After the mob threw water on Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and surrounded him and Candace Owens, screaming in their faces and getting into their personal space, I warned that eventually, someone would get brave enough to do more.

Now someone has a concussion and a woman was attacked by a man.

If the Democratic Party has any sense whatsoever, they will denounce these physical attacks immediately. Not just one or two, but the entire Democratic machine from its leadership, to the media, to its celebrity endorsers. At this time, however, only three Democrats have spoken out against these mob tactics, the three being Heidi Heitkamp, Beto O’Rourke, and Michelle Obama.

You would think after a woman was attacked, or a concussion has been suffered that they would be coming out in droves, but they aren’t. They’re lightly suspending their member who suggested violence and then calling it a day.


While not every Democrat is radical, the party has been taken over by them. It’s the party whose leadership and media help was elevating Antifa to the status of “good guys” despite the fact that they are clearly a domestic terrorist group who utilizes violence and intimidation against anyone who disagrees with them, and I mean anyone.

Many of their media helpers are themselves, perfectly okay with violence happening to members of the right. We know Twitter’s staff is after several tweets suggesting various members be stalked and harassed were allowed to stay live on their site. When the hard left came out in force after Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the media did its level best to paint the crowds banging down the doors of the Supreme Court, ripping up opposing signs, and intimidating others as “peaceful.”

While some politicians or media members may very well be against violence being used on the right, many are afraid to speak out due to fears that they themselves may be the mob’s next victim. As we all know, a leftist speaking out against the left is dealt with very harshly. You can ask people like YouTuber Laci Green, or celebrity Mark Duplass about that.

Denouncing the radical direction the left is heading may result in a loss of support or the attention of the mob itself, and that’s too great a risk. There are elections to win and careers to maintain. It seems, at least, that the Democrats are content to stay mum about it as much as possible in hopes that the monster they created will eat them last.


They might get more votes, and they may stay within the good graces of the radicals driving the party for now. Some people might get hurt, possibly even killed, but at least for now they’ll be safe.

It’s cowardice at its worst.


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