Kanye West Causes an Instant Meltdown Among the Leftist Blue Check Marks and It's Delicious

President Donald Trump meets with rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The results of Kanye West’s visit to the White House and his subsequent rant are in, and it seems that the left can’t handle it.

Kanye went on a diatribe that was equal parts thrilling to watch and awesome to listen to, covering how his MAGA hat is representative of efforts to truly make America the hub of prosperity it should be, and Kanye’s own efforts to help with that in places like Chicago that need more jobs for the black community.


In a stunning show of disdain, networks like MSNBC are calling it “an assault on our White House,” and CBS is calling it a “surreal scene,” but the juiciest bits are coming from the leftist blue check marks on Twitter who are pulling out all the stops to paint Kanye as the craziest, brainwashed person they can.

Freelance journalist Nick Monroe busied himself in collecting the meltdowns in an easy-to-read thread.

First stop, New York Times contributor Candace Jackson, who thinks Kanye is having a mental breakdown in the Oval Office.


Next up is Khaled Beydoun, a professor of law and author about a book on Islamophobia.


Here’s a take from former Bernie Sanders staffer and feminist Melissa Byrne with a stunningly original take.


MIC editor Spencer Dukoff is tired of people trying to find reason in what Kanye is saying, instead of just agreeing that he’s psychotic for signing on to that horrid “wrong-think.”



Actor Wilson Cruz thinks Kanye needs help.


Sia’s manager, David Russell says simply that Kanye is an enemy for his opinions.


Keating Thomas is busy dismissing what Kanye says in order to relegate him to being Donald Trump’s shield against accusations of racism.


According to Senior Variety writer Matt Donnelly, Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian should be blacklisted.


The list goes on and on, and I encourage you to check out Monroe’s lengthy capturing of examples of the leftists losing it over Kanye.

I find it very interesting that many of these leftists are the same people who call the right and Republicans racist for targeting minorities and silencing their voices. Yet a celebrated black man comes out against their approved message, and they’re falling all over themselves to de-platform him, make him seem insane, and patronize him with their “pity.”


If the roles were reversed, these same people would be shouting “RACISM” from the summit of Mt. Bullsh*t with the loudest megaphones they could get their hands on.

But Kanye isn’t backing their message, so they have to make sure he’s written off as brutally and quickly as they can manage it.

The alternative is that people might actually listen to him, and — horror of horrors — begin to see things from a different angle.




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