Texans Are Registering to Vote in Huge Numbers, and Here's What It Means

Something has kicked Texans into high gear in terms of driving them to the voting booth, but it’s yet to be seen which party will benefit from the turnout.


According to The Hill, record numbers of Texans have registered to vote, to the tune of a double-digit percentage increase:

According to the secretary of state’s office, almost 15.7 million Texans were registered as of Monday, marking an 11 percent increase from the previous midterm elections, in 2014, Dallas News reported.

The figure is also a significant increase from the 15.2 million residents who were registered for the primary elections in March, when a record number of Democrats and Republicans cast ballots.

Whether these are residents recently arrived from blue states, here to vote as Democrats would, or they’re energized Republican voters is yet to be seen, but there are clues that point to it being the latter.

As I covered recently, the GOP’s success in nominating Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has energized Republicans, causing them to see a growth in support, while Democrats are shrinking. Even Claire McCaskill in Missouri is losing to Republican challenger Josh Hawley according to one poll.


In Texas, in particular, 73 percent of Republicans say they’re motivated to get out and vote vs. only 60 percent of Democrats who were polled by CBS. What’s more, Cruz has only increased his lead in the last week, widening the margin between him and his Democratic Challenger, Beto O’Rourke.

I’d once again stress that Texans do not get comfortable under this information, and they get out to vote for Cruz the first opportunity they get. The margin is still not comfortably wide, even though it’s widening.


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