Joy Behar Claims "White Men" Aren't Protecting Women From People Like "Probably Guilty" Kavanaugh

The fervor around the sexual assault accusations surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is reaching a fever pitch and, of course, The View is only too happy to throw gasoline on the fire.


Host Joy Behar ranted about how men are supposed to protect women, relaying a story about how her father intervened between her and a stalker. She used the story as an example of how men are supposed to act and relayed that to the way men are not doing this in regards to Kavanaugh’ accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

“These white men, old by the way, are not protecting women,” Behar claimed on Wednesday. “They’re protecting a man who is probably guilty.”

So Behar has done a few things here, the first is claiming that Republicans are guilty of protecting rapists. Instead of just saying “Republicans,” however, she threw in that they were “white” and “men.” There was no reason to do that except advance the narrative that white people are a continued source of society’s ills, and men are generally bad.

The second is that Behar is claiming that despite all evidence the contrary, Kavanaugh is guilty of what Ford is accusing him of. Everything points to the fact that Ford’s claims are completely made up, and the timing and uncooperativeness of the left to prove Ford’s accusations amount to nothing only lend to the idea.


Kavanaugh’s innocence matters very little to Behar. As Behar has already shown, Kavanaugh is white and male, making him automatically guilty of whatever crime he’s accused of by a woman.

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There’s a narrative to push, and an agenda to protect. If an innocent man has to be painted as guilty in order to run defense for whatever the left’s aims are, then so be it. You’ll find Behar on the front lines.

This is the absolute disgusting part of the left that I cannot stomach to save my life. The sexism, racism, and complete disregard for truth and innocence makes my blood boil.

What makes it even worse is that there is still no media uproar about the victims of Rep. Keith Ellison, and they are actually presenting proof of his abuse. So we can also add hypocrisy to the growing pile of vices leftists like Behar gleefully engage in.


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