The Quest for "Diversity" Is So Ridiculous That an Ad Agency "Blackwashed" a Student Photo

People and organizations are so afraid of being labeled as racist nowadays that they’re willing to use photo editing to make some students seem like they’re an entirely different race or even religion.


That’s what happened with the Emile-Cohl drawing school in Lyon, France, for displaying a photograph that took some of the students and made them black, Muslim, etc.

According to the Inquisitor, the school was seeking to open a branch in Los Angeles, and students gathered to take a photograph to use as promotional material. The photo was then given to a U.S. ad agency, where the school claims the photo was altered. The school claims that it did not instruct the ad agency to do this, and had no intention of manufacturing fake diversity.

You can view the photos for yourself below.


According to the Inquisitor, the school has now parted ways with the ad agency.

While this story highlights the ridiculous efforts of an organization to seem like it’s more inclusive, there is a real trouble behind it. So caught up is societal pressure to be more diverse that businesses and organizations are actually punished for their lack of diversity if it’s found.

The fear of being accused of racism is so great that a school and/or ad agency felt it necessary to lie and create an illusion, partly to make it seem like it’s welcoming to all types, sure, but also to shield itself from damaging criticism.

It’s sad that people have to live in fear like that.

(h/t: DailyWire)


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