The Only Thing Planned Parenthood Does as Much as Abortions Is Blatantly Lie About It, and Here's the Latest Example

Exhibit: D-653b, section 7.

Planned Parenthood has a very long, proud history of lying, but sometimes the lies they tell are so blatantly obvious that you have to wonder if their core audience is that dumb.


The latest claim is that abortion is a right buried somewhere in our Constitution. Planned Parenthood made the claim in a tweet meant to panic women over Justice Anthony Kennedy’s departure from the Supreme Court, and get them to sign a petition that is, in truth, just a way to pad their mailing list and milk donations.

“Our constitutional right to abortion is on the line,” tweeted the abortion giant. “It’s time to fight back against any nominee who opposes Roe v. Wade and the right to safe, legal abortion.”

To make a long story short, you’ll find abortion nowhere within the document. You’ll find the right to free speech (often fought against by the left), and the right to bear arms (also often fought against by the left), but you won’t find abortion.

In fact, the closest thing you’ll find to protecting abortion in the Constitution actually has nothing to do with abortion, and everything to do with protecting you from warrantless searches and seizures, a.k.a. the Fourth Amendment. The idea is that the privacy rights the Constitution guarantees also apply to the life in the womb.


The punchline is that abortion is not a guaranteed right, but Planned Parenthood and the left want you to believe it is because that gives its supporters that much more conviction when fighting for it. Also, it sounds scary during election time, because it makes it sound like there are governmental forces attempting to deprive you of a right.

Oddly, as I pointed out a couple paragraphs ago, this doesn’t stop leftist organizations like Planned Parenthood from pushing for your actual right to own a firearm to be taken from you. Perhaps, at least in Planned Parenthood’s case, it’s because guns are more often used to save lives, and Planned Parenthood takes life in numbers far greater than firearms in America ever could.

Planned Parenthood itself takes an average of 300,000 lives a year. Even in our worst years, gun homicide statistics have never reached that number.



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