That Awkward Moment When Hamas Admits the American Mainstream Media's Anti-Israel Narrative Is a Lie

The American mainstream media is awash with anti-Israel sentiment. That much is obvious, and it’s never been more obvious than the past couple of days as it has brazenly attempted to paint the murderous Hamas terrorist group as the good guys as they attempt to break through Israel’s border in order to kill innocent Israelis.

The proof is in the pudding as everyone from the New York Times…

…to NBC News…

…have been attempting to paint Israel as the evil country out to kill “Palestinians” with impunity, and for no good reason. They’ve attempted to convince the world that the violence in the Middle East over the Jerusalem decision is a peaceful demonstration on the part of the Palestinians and that Israel is being blatantly violent.

But despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to be the boulder that diverts the course of the narrative river, the truth just keeps flowing around it thanks to the internet widening the riverbank. Stories, photos, and videos continue to come out left and right that demolish the mainstream media’s extra hot take on the events.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And exhibit C through Z-5-beta:

The punchline is that these “protests” were not protests, but were all out attacks with the intent to kill and harm. Despite the media and leftist politicians attempting to paint it as anything different, Israel was clearly not the bad guy here and was quite plainly defending itself and its borders.

And the Israelis are not kidding around. As of the last report, the Israelis have killed 62 Palestinians. What the mainstream media has failed to tell the public, however, is that 50 of them were Hamas terrorists. We know this because Hamas told us themselves.

Their leaders have also told us that this is in no way a peaceful protest and that they are utilizing weapons against the Israelis.

So we now know that the mainstream media is outright lying in their narrative and that these weren’t protests but Hamas attacks.

So why is the mainstream media lying out in the open? What’s the point of standing by their narrative despite the fact that they’re caught red-handed?

Ben Shapiro has a great take on this at the Daily Wire, where he points out the paternalistic view of western media:

…members of the Western media believe, in George W. Bush-like fashion, that every human heart yearns to beat free. But by free, they mean “free” in Western fashion: free of religious tyranny, free to exercise individual rights. That’s simply not true for a huge number of people across the world, who do not share Western priorities regarding the individual — who find higher meaning in tribalism or religious homogeneity. Hamas isn’t interested in living free in a liberal state. Hamas, the people who elected them, and the people who answered their call to violently attempt to enter Israel — not all Palestinians, but certainly a sizeable number) — are not interested in establishing San Francisco in Gaza. They’re interested in different priorities.

In other words, the western media is blinded by the idea that everyone shares their western sensibilities. They don’t. Palestinian culture is not like western culture. In fact, in many regards, it’s the exact opposite. The only Middle Eastern country that fully shares our western values is Israel, the one currently trying to defend these values from those who would forcefully and violently strip them away.

But it does go deeper than that. There is a racial element, as well as a religious one at play here. Judeo-Christian values have been spit upon and blamed as the source of much grief throughout the world, be it the first or third. Add to the first world trendiness of blaming white people for the problems of every non-white person, and you have a perfect storm of ignorance and hate fomenting an ongoing problem. For them, Israel cannot possibly be the good guy in this situation, as they fit every description they have of the bad guy.

I don’t see any sudden turn around from the mainstream media on this issue, despite being caught red-handed in a very obvious lie, and that’s a tragedy unto itself. Not just because it’s lying to the general public, but because that lie will only cause more death, as Shapiro outlines:

The fact that the media continue to mirror Hamas’ preferred line will get more Palestinians killed. It will encourage Hamas to continue provoking conflict and hiding behind civilians. Promoting Hamas’ aspirations to achieve the death of Israel through violence is morally vile — but that’s exactly what the media are doing, bolstered by their paternalism and scorn for Israel.