Joy Behar Thinks Melania Deserves Little Respect Despite Her Plight Because She Was an Obama Birther

Joy Behar can’t not say something completely absurd when it comes to anything remotely friendly to the right. Be it Mike Pence, Christianity, or in this recent case, First Lady Melania Trump.


The ladies of The View decided to discuss how Melania must feel in the wake of the media’s current obsession, Stormy Daniels’ affair with President Donald Trump. The panel all agreed that Melania was a lovely lady, but of course, Behar couldn’t let any Republican go without taking a swat at them, no matter how ill timed.

“We can’t really like her 100 percent because she is a birther like her husband,” Behar bemoaned. “I interviewed her on my HLN show and we made news on that because I asked her, ‘Do you think Obama was born in this country?’”

Melania confirmed that Obama “was not born in this country,” according to Behar.

“So she’s on the same page as him on a lot of issues, so she’s not off the hook.”

The birther movement was something that became big during the 2012 presidential elections, with Donald Trump leading the charge. Melania was, of course, in support of her husband.

In the midst of all the hoopla revolving around supporting women who are being misused by male figures, it’s odd that Behar seems to think it’s okay to swat Melania aside, despite the sad situation she’s in, simply because at one point in time she publicly agreed with her husband about a point he was hammering on during his presidential campaign.


If Behar’s husband was doing something similar, I’m sure Behar would be supporting him in the same fashion no matter how ridiculous the strategy. I wouldn’t put it past Behar. She’s known for saying and doing ridiculous things.

Regardless, Melania is clearly going through something no wife ever does. Her husband’s fidelity is not only being called into question, but it’s done so on a national stage. Whether you believe Daniels or not, saying that Melania deserves to be put in front of the firing line alongside her husband just because she supported him is ludicrous.

But ludicrous hatred against Republicans or right-leaning anything is what Behar does.


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