Steven Crowder Under Attack by Twitter and YouTube for Unexplained Reasons

It’s no secret by now that Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al have it out for conservatives. I write at least a story or two a week detailing their biased actions against those who think differently from them.


And here’s another one.

Conservative comedian/commentator Steven Crowder has been suspended from Twitter following the release of a video he created at SXSW wherein intern SvenComputer is forced to crash a LGTBQ “Gender Nonconformity” meet up at SXSW. In the video, Sven dressed up as a computer, where he repeated lines fed to him by Crowder.

I’d show it to you, but that video has been deleted by YouTube.

According to Louder with Crowder writer Courtney Kirchoff, Crowder was suspended for 12 hours after the video was posted. The team attempted to fix the video so that it’s less offensive based on a guess of what they did wrong (a guess is all they had due to the lack of info given), but doing so only made the social media overlords angrier.

From Kirchoff:

Here’s what we think happened. The original video that went out didn’t have the word “f*ggot” soft bleeped. The original video was immediately pulled from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as the studio team added bleeps for the “offensive” content. After the bleeps were added into the video, the studio re-uploaded the SXSW undercover video back to YouTube and Facebook.

This newly edited video was then shared by Crowder’s producer “Not Gay Jared.” Twitter proceeded to suspend him as well:

Which means Twitter didn’t necessarily find “f*ggot” offensive. They apparently found the general concept of the video offensive. If you haven’t watched it yet, do.

So the score: video removed, video made as safe as possible, Twitter still has Steven’s and NotGayJared’s accounts suspended.


Then it got worse, as Twitter notified Crowder that his account would be suspended for seven days because why the hell not? They even went so far as to suspend “SvenComputer” for his part in the video as well.

Kirchoff noted that while they were happily suspending Crowder and co.’s accounts, there still remains a plethora of tweets spreading demonstrably false information about Crowder, making him out to be an alt-right, neo-nazi, puppy killer.

So we have major media outlets targeting Crowder and his crew, taking down their videos, and suspending them for days on end because…well, your guess is as good as ours.



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