Facebook (and More) Are Prohibiting Ads for a Smart New Form of Gun Safety Device. Why?

Those who keep firearms for protection are often confronted with a problem when it comes to storing your guns safely. When you need your gun at a moment’s notice, having to find keys for a lockbox or fiddle with a safe in the next room could cost you precious seconds. However, if you have a family, then just keeping a gun within easy reach of a kid could potentially be disastrous.


One company has solved all of that with one simple device that keeps your gun secure while also allowing it to be ready when you need it, however, social media sites are keeping the product suppressed, and out of the view of the public.

The company is called Zore, and the gun safety product they have created is pretty ingenious. Instead of putting your gun in a safe or lockbox, their product “Zore-X” allows you to attach a locking mechanism to the firearm via the chamber. In order to load a bullet, all you need to do is turn the dial on the mechanism left and right to the specific amount of clicks it takes to unlock it. There are no numbers, just the clicks. This allows you to open your gun in the dark, or out of site. Once the mechanism is unlocked, chamber a round like you would normally, and the mechanism will fall away without fuss.

This product solves a lot of problems gun owners face. If any little ones found the firearm, then they wouldn’t be able to hurt themselves or others with it. The firearm stays technically unloaded until the device is removed.

You would figure in today’s post-Parkland world that methods of gun safety would be promoted left and right, seeing as how we’re being told gun safety is the cause du jour. Zore X is the perfect compromise of safety and readiness that both sides could come together on, but according to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the product is worthy of suppression.

Zore CEO Bruno Escojido attempted to put paid advertising dollars behind the video you see above but was rejected outright by the major social media groups for violating advertising guidelines. This would be true if Zore was promoting the sale of firearms, but they aren’t. This is purely the promotion of a gun safety lock.


This perplexed Escojido, who is frustrated with the social media companies for keeping a new method of gun safety from being exposed to the public, and restricting the spread of innovation when it’s needed most.

“I would not have expected Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Outbrain to reject out of hand a product that is about saving lives and protecting families – simply because it is related to guns,” Escojido told RedState. “This lack of nuance means that these companies are actually preventing consumers from being exposed to a highly innovative gun safety device, thereby limiting gun owners’ freedom to choose. This demonstrates a striking level of ignorance on their part that is a result of seeing anything firearms-related as bad.”

According to Zore, Facebook,  YouTube, and Outbrain all returned written statements that said the video violated its policies, with only Outbrain noting that it’s a “complicated field, even though it’s a safety device.”

Twitter, however, verbally told Zore flat out that they wouldn’t even open an ad account for the company to start with.

This unwillingness to help promote a form of gun safety is very telling. While Zore has created a device that allows for safety, it also allows for the gun to be easily accessible and ready to use a moment’s notice. For many who support the restriction and suppression of firearms, as many leftist organizations do, Zore makes things more complicated for them despite the fact that it makes guns safer. The idea of “gun safety” for them is to have it out of sight, out of mind, and behind thick metal doors.


Should people be made aware that a product like Zore exists, this could spark some wild ideas for those who wish to have a gun to protect themselves, especially including parents and teachers. And with the number of teachers wishing to be armed on the rise, Zore X might give them some ideas that those with anti-gun sentiment don’t wish them to have.

But according to Escojido, it’s already too late for that. The cat’s out of the bag.

“We’ve received many inquiries over the last few weeks from teachers and school staff who are interested in ZORE as a solution to keep their firearms secure but accessible on campus,” Escojido told RedState. “This is encouraging since it means that our technology will enable teachers who have a firearm on campus to do so safely while ensuring that kids in school are unable to gain access to the firearm. At the end of the day, ZORE is about saving lives, especially children’s lives, and we’re proud that our solution can play a part in keeping children safe in school as well as in the home.”

Guns being safe around children would be a rather harsh blow to the anti-gun community which has spent a great deal of time promoting the idea that guns and children cannot co-exist, and that the outcome is always tragic. Zore has made a product that would literally allow a gun to be held by a child with zero danger to the child or others. This concept would be exceptionally attractive to teachers who wish to carry while in class, and the anti-gun community just can’t tolerate the existence of such a product.


What we do know, however, is that over 98 percent of mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones. Furthermore, as the Broward County Sheriff’s Department has shown, authorities and law enforcement are fallible. An armed teacher with a device that would keep his or her gun safe until it was needed would immediately solve the problem of schools being soft targets.

And this is the solution that major social media networks are keeping from the public. Knowing what we know about the numbers, and knowing that armed security is a sure-fire way of preventing and stopping violence, it would appear that the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are far more dangerous in their restriction of knowledge than Zore is with their solution.


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