The Left Looks Back Over What "The Resistance" Has Accomplished and Finds...Nothing

Once Trump was elected to office, “The Resistance” sprang into action. Under that banner, groups organized marches, protests, and campaigns that were covered by an ecstatic media that did everything it could to get the message out.


Oh, and it was a giant flop. Like, all of it.

This is something even hard-left site Think Progress, the poster child of leftist asininity, unintentionally admitted in a recent video that looked back over The Resistance in 2017. They listed a few of the protests they found pertinent, conveniently left out details about other protests, and failed to mention some of the others that were just downright ridiculous…or even violent.

But at the end of the video, Dr. Dana R. Fisher, whom they are interviewing to speak on the accomplishments of The Resistance, admits that nothing has changed politically because of all the marching, rioting, and pussy hat wearing. She instead marks its success by the fact that it made people feel like they were angry alongside other people all over the nation. That it created a sense of angry togetherness.

In more realistic, brass tacks language, that’s called a mob.

Watch for yourself.

If The Resistance accomplished anything, it was organizing a bunch of angry, uninformed people to gather and scream into the sky about whatever Trump was doing that week. Sometimes literally as was the case of the nationwide “Scream Helplessly at the Sky” event, to commemorate the anniversary of Trump’s election.


But the problem with considering organizing events for angry people a win is that it’s not hard to get ignorant, angry people to come together and walk around shouting angry things. The more outrage and the less knowledge, the easier it becomes. It’s much harder to organize a calm, and rational get-together that will advance understanding and possibly change minds. If you’re angry enough, stubborn enough, or you’re just all about the mob mentality, you don’t want your mind changed, you want your bias confirmed.

Don’t believe me? Look at the rash of outrage tweets from media figures that are proven lies vs the tweets that show the correction. The former has always received far more circulation than the latter.

But outside organizing events, the Resistance has had no effect on anything that happened in the White House. If anything, it will probably end up keeping Trump there for another four years after his first term is through as it was a constant embarrassment to the left.

Between the innumerable cringe-worthy occurrences and behind the scenes nastiness of the women’s march — organized in part by a pro-Sharia anti-semite with a history of allowing sexual assault — the mooning Trump Tower event where people exposed there rears to a building Trump wasn’t even in, The Resistance seemed more like a bunch of children gathering to throw temper tantrums than a legitimate quest to make changes.


The Resistance even invaded football, and it is suffering monstrously as a result.

Let’s not forget any event where Antifa showed up in force. Many people who were assaulted as a result sure won’t.

The Resistance went from marches and protests to individual acts of stupidity passed off as heroism. This is best summed up by Jay Malsky, who went to Disneyland and repeatedly yelled at a pile of components made to look like Trump while everyone was trying to enjoy a show at the Hall of Presidents. He accomplished nothing, but in his own mind, he’s a hero.

In summation, The Resistance is a try-hard, embarrassing, ineffectual adult temper tantrum that has nothing to show for all the stupidity it forced on everyone.


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