The Left's Meltdown Over the GOP Tax Bill Inspired Corporate Bonuses Shows Their True Outlook on the People

I’m not a rich guy by any measure. For all the time, toil, success, and failure I put into the work I do, I’m not exactly Scrooge McDuck. I live paycheck to paycheck, and do what’s necessary to make ends meet. My story is very similar to many people here in America. In fact, the vast majority of Americans live that way.


For me, an extra $1,000 in bonus money would solve a lot of problems. For many Americans, that’s a lot of money they could use to fix their car, get that dental procedure, or even do something nice for their family. Thanks to the generosity of some corporations, many families will be able to do this.

If this corporate gifting happened due to the actions of Democrats, then the media would be parading them across your screens nonstop. It would be solid proof that Democrat policies inspire prosperity and generosity. Democrat politicians would be trumpeting their triumph over Republicans for years to come.

But most of all, it would be proof for the Democrats that they care about the little guy, unlike other parties. That they’ll do what it takes to make sure you and your children are fed, educated, healthy, and housed. That the least privileged among us is being taken care of and can enjoy the same things everyone else can.

But these upcoming $1,000 bonuses are on their way to low-level employees thanks to the passage of the GOP tax bill, which reduces everyone’s taxes (except the taxes of the wealthy in high-tax blue states) as well as the taxes on corporations down to 21 percent from 35.

So these bonuses are now evil according to the leftists and Democratic politicians as RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar points out in depth here. The left has taken to mocking it, denouncing it, and attributing it to selfish corporate behavior.


People will be able to benefit greatly from the extra money in their accounts this year, but the well-being of the little guy suddenly has to take a back seat because failure for the Republican party and Trump has to come first.

And here we see the man behind the curtain.

We know the tax cuts will benefit the vast majority of Americans who will be able to keep more their own money. Yet the Democrats, such as Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, all took to calling the tax cuts a “heist.”

A heist? Last time I checked, the money is staying in the pockets of those who earn it. The only robbery that was occurring was the government’s continual taking it was doing out of people’s pockets with absurd tax rates that left many spinning their wheels, and businesses unable to grow and compete.

This negative reaction to the people earning more money — not just getting mind you, but earning — shows that their true outlook on the people they claim to care about is equivalent to a useful tool, not a person.

Prosperity as the result of your own independence, and success as the result of being a free man or woman who keeps what he or she has earned, and the dignity that comes with it means little or nothing to Democrats. In the face of more money and peace of mind being received in the wrong way, i.e. without entitlement or government support, the Democrats suddenly don’t care about the person.


Any gift from corporations to their workers is a mask for nefarious corporate greed, and one’s keeping the pay they work for away from the government is robbery and theft.

As we speak, the Democrats are readying for a year-long assault on the tax cut package according to the Washington Post.

Why? Why take more money from us? Is it so awful that the people and the businesses they work for succeed? That we stand apart from the politicians whose hands are now allowed only a shallower dip into our pockets?

These tax cuts have revealed an awful lot about our political parties, and while the Republicans are no perfect angels, they’re shining like the sun in comparison to the left today.


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