Joe Biden Is Totally Running in 2020, and He's Not Hiding It Well

Joe Biden Is Totally Running in 2020, and He's Not Hiding It Well

Joe Biden is a bad poker player. I’ve never actually sat down at a table with the guy, but he doesn’t bluff very well. A prime example is all his continual talk about “maybe” “possibly” “considering” “looking into” talk about a 2020 presidential run against Trump.

If he were being honest, he’d confess that he has every desire to run for the White House in 2020. All his “it’s not the right time, but I will if I have to” talk is a way of looking humble while testing the waters. He just did it again on The View on Wednesday.

It should be noted that Biden is already telling people behind closed doors that he is running. His entire “I’m thinking about it” approach is a complete act.

From here on, despite his official announcement, I’ll be talking like his run is a solid “go.”

At this time, Biden’s primary opponent will be Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, currently America’s most popular politician. However, despite Bernie’s popularity, I don’t see many moderates being attracted by his socialist views. Rest assured, Trump won the moderate vote because most Americans were afraid of the cultural shift the hard left was trying to bring about.

Sanders will likely win a swath of millennials, eat-the-rich leftists, and people who abandon the green party in the last moments. However Biden may be able to stop the Democrat’s problem of bleeding moderate voters, a massive problem they’ve been having since Sanders, Warren, and Jimmy Kimmel became the de facto heads of the Democratic party. Biden is the guy you have a beer with, possesses a solid Democratic track record, and most importantly of all, he’s a recognizable face from the Obama era.

It’ll be a tight race to be sure, and one that may determine the fate of the Democratic party.

In fact, the Biden vs Sanders primary is just a speck on the horizon, and people within the Democratic party are already going to war over it. Articles are already popping up from the pro-Sanders crowd, begging Biden to stay in the past where he belongs, and using the #MeToo movement as a way to point out his creepy behavior.

Regardless, Biden is continuing to poll well on the left. He’s already beating Trump in a theoretical match-up.

Rest assured, you’re going to see Biden on the primary stage. The question will be whether or not the DNC backs him as their establishment candidate or sides with Bernie. Not siding with Bernie may finish the DNC with a good chunk of the left, seeing as how they already screwed him over in 2016’s primaries, and the fallout left the DNC broke, and leaderless.

But if they do back Bernie, there’s a good chance he won’t win. He won’t attract the moderates the left needs to put him in the White House. His campaign will be racked with inconsistencies and radical supporters that make him look bad. The DNC has a tough decision ahead of it.

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