The Left is Already Attacking Biden as 2020 Campaign Rumors Surface

Former Vice President Joe Biden is quickly becoming the Democrats forerunner for a 2020 presidential run, but for a Democratic party looking to ditch the moderate look, and lean further left, Biden may be problematic.


On the heels of polls indicating that Biden has an 11 point lead over Trump in a 2020 matchup, as well as reports of him telling friends he’s going to run, left-leaning sites have already put Biden in the crosshairs.

As first reported by Free Beacon, both the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast released articles within an hour of one another denouncing Biden. Both revolve around Biden’s penchant for becoming awkwardly friendly with women, and not giving them the same opportunities as men.

HuffPo’s article, “Joe Biden 2020 Is A Terrible Idea In A Post-Weinstein America,” author Amanda Terkel throws Biden into the same category as men like shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and comedian Louis C.K.

“Biden is the wrong guy to bear the standard of any party purporting to speak for the victims of unaccountable power,” writes Terkel.

Terkel gave the account of Biden’s time on the Senate Judiciary Committee when law professor Anita Hill was accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Bringing up the fact that the committee was composed of white people — Terkel somehow believes this is an issue of racism despite the fact that Clarence Thomas is, in fact, black himself — the HuffPo writer said Hill didn’t get a fair shake due to Biden not listening and believing.


Biden revealed on Monday that he believed Hill’s testimony, and voted against Thomas.

She also lists Biden’s various awkward moments with clearly uncomfortable women such as Sen. Chris Coons’ teenage daughter, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife. She’ll find no argument from me about those.

Echoing Terkel’s HuffPo article, Erin Gloria Ryan at the Daily Beast wrote: “Dear Lord Would Joe Biden Be a Terrible Candidate for These Times.

“On behalf of all left-leaning people who also care deeply about our current national conversation about harassment and consent: Please, Joe. Please. Not now. Now is extremely not the time,” wrote Ryan, who also spoke about his awkward treatment of various women that earned him the nickname “Creepy Uncle Joe.”

While many on the left have a legitimate gripe about Biden’s treatment of women — they’re a bit late to the party people on the right have been throwing for some time — it’s their lack of commentary about Biden’s policies that we should find interesting.

A good theory is that they aren’t interested in what he has to say policy-wise. According to an October Harvard-Harris poll, the party wants to lean further left in order to fall more in line with the economic and social justice policies of the socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.


The introduction of Biden’s hat into the 2020 ring would definitely draw Democrats away from the polarizing Sanders, who will have his own problems with double standards to deal with should he run. If the left wants to not make the same mistakes it did in 2016, it will attempt to keep Sanders’ voting base whole and uncontested by someone who may attract moderates like Biden.

Expect more attacks on Biden from members of his own party before this is all said and done.


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