WATCH: Criminals Fire at Police with Handguns...IN AUSTRALIA?!


What method of gun control is more praised by the American left than Australia’s gun ban? Be it former President Obama singing its praises, or leftist journalists pining for its implementation on American soil, Australia seems to be the left’s go to study on how gun grabbing works. If guns are illegal, then no one will use guns illegally…right?


Tell that to anyone who, is at this moment, smoking marijuana where it’s illegal. Or perhaps tell the guy who is going 10 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit that it’s illegal to do so.

But also tell that to the Australian fugitives who were caught on video firing handguns at police as they attempted to make their escape.

According to the Mirror, footage has been released of two armed, drugged out fugitives hijacking cars and running from police in scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto. The men can be seen running on foot and firing their weapons at police after the suspects had their vehicle disabled with road spikes by police.

Eventually, one suspect attempted to stop a car while threatening it with a gun, but instead of slowing down the car plowed into the shirtless suspect. His gun went flying away, and he was unable to go back for it as police were already bearing down on him.

Finally, the two were caught, and put into police custody.

So let’s review:

The left’s foremost example of how gun control can work to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals…doesn’t keep weapons out of the hands of criminals.


According to TIME, the methods of obtaining and keeping a license for legally possessing firearms is pretty tedious, and requires attending meetings, going to competitions, paperwork, permissions, and storage requirements.

Yet despite these firearms being illegal, it would appear that criminals can still get their hands on them, and use them for malicious reasons.

A gun-crime free America, — much less a gun free America — is a pipe dream. It’s hardly realistic in Australia.


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