CBS Fires Legal Exec that Said Las Vegas Victims Deserved to be Shot

Earlier today, I wrote on how a top legal executive at CBS was caught saying on Facebook that the now over 50 dead and more than 500 injured during Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas deserved to be shot.


Good news. She’s been fired.

The CBS lawyer, Hayley Geftman-Gold, reasoned to a friend on Facebook that because they were country music fans, they must also be Republican gun-toters who enabled such events as Sandy Hook. Therefore, just by virtue of attending a concert featuring Jason Aldean, innocent people deserved to die.

According to a statement by CBS given to The Wrap, Hollywood Reporter, and Snopes, Geftman-Gold violated the company’s standards, and can now be found in the unemployment line.

“This individual, who was with us for approximately one year, violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families,” said CBS’s statement.

Geftman-Gold’s comments were disgusting, and CBS was wise to part with the woman as fast as humanly possible. That someone should add such a horrific sentiment in the midst of such a horrific tragedy is beyond unacceptable.

Hopefully, Geftman-Gold herself will apologize for her awful statements, and begin repairing her sullied name. If she doesn’t, she may find it hard to get a job at Dairy Queen.


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