Somebody Destroyed Trump's Walk of Fame Star

Donald Trump’s Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame can’t catch a break. The poor thing has been the subject of multiple attacks, but now it seems somebody just turned up their aggression against it to 11.


Because somebody decided to up and just flat out destroy it.

The dirty deed was done by a man named Jamie Otis, who dressed up a city construction worker to make it seem like he was doing simple maintenance. As The Hill reports, Otis’s original intent wasn’t to destroy it at all.

Otis told the celebrity news site that his original plan involved removing the star in order to auction it off in New York City.

The proceeds would have gone to help the multiple women who have accused Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, of sexual assault in recent weeks.

While I dislike Trump as much as the next guy, I’m not sure destroying something with Trump’s name on it – that’s technically not even his – is the way to go. It won’t be Trump having to pay to replace it, and it will be replaced.

Besides, if you ask me, that’s just lazy. Props for the costume, but there’s nothing particularly grabbing about just destroying it. If you ask me, the best form or protest came from the guy who built a miniature concrete wall around it.


Now that’s funny.


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