Fun Video Shows Why Trump's Wall Is a Bad Idea In Just Over 2 Minutes

Adam Conover works for the online comedy video site known as “College Humor,” where he participates in various skits about everything from what it’s like to write a college humor video, to the world’s oversensitivity about everything.


But Conover’s major claim to fame is when he started up a skit for the site called “Adam Ruins Everything,” where he deconstructs things everybody knows about, and reveals that we really don’t know much about that thing at all, such as how diamonds are intrinsically worthless and tipping is a scam. The skit was so successful that Tru TV wanted to pick up the skit and make it into a full blown show.

Recently, Conover turned his attention to myths about immigration, and you can’t talk about immigration without covering its solutions. So naturally, Conover had to tackle Donald Trump’s wall. The verdict?

The entire idea is a horrible one.

In just over two minutes, Conover discusses how the wall’s enormity would cost us billions of dollars to both build, and maintain, and that homes and even nature would be ruined in the process. Furthermore, the wall wouldn’t even do much to keep illegal immigrants out. In fact, he reveals how many of America’s illegal immigrants got here without even having to cross the border on the ground.

Watch below.


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