Daily LOL!: Watch Hillary Accidentally Promote Herself for Prison

One of the most popular catchphrases this election season is “Hillary for Prison.” You can see the phrase tweeted, posted, and slapped onto surfaces where a bumper sticker would fit nicely. This all because of Hillary’s server and email scandal, which continues to get more and more shady as time goes on.


At a Clinton rally, one man in particular was not there to support Clinton, but shares the sentiment many others have about a Hillary behind bars. As Clinton approached him in line, while greeting others, the man shouts “Hillary for Prison!” Thinking he said “Hillary for President!” she says “Let’s make it happen!”

Watch the Vine below

First off, I’d like to commend the guy for saying that to Hillary’s face, but I’d also like to thank Clinton for not hearing so well, and giving us this awesome vine.


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