Has the Dallas Shooting Emboldened More Killers?

During an unbelievable time when Dallas officer’s lives have been taken in cold blood, and police are still trying to recover from the shock of losing their brothers in arms, they have even more to deal with on their plate.

In a press interview, Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, has reported that he and his family have been receiving death threats since the shootings occurred.

“My family has received death threats almost immediately after the shooting,” said Brown. “As a policing family here in Dallas and across the country there is a heightened sense of awareness around threats we received around the country.”

“I don’t want to just single out me,” continued Brown. “Everyone is experiencing the same type of awareness – increased awareness – because of people who, in my opinion, are not stable.”

It’s scary to think that the hate carried out in Dallas has emboldened others to take action on police, not just in Dallas, but in other parts of the country. If that’s the case, then innocent officer’s lives are at risk, and police departments should do their very best to make sure that the safety of their officers comes first.

God be with our friends and family who serve to protect our communities.