WATCH: Rep. Gohmert Takes On the Dem's "Pout-In" Like a Boss

WATCH: Rep. Gohmert Takes On the Dem's "Pout-In" Like a Boss

Republicans decided to wade into the fray of the Democrat “sit-in” in favor of gun control to make sure the views of adults were actually heard. Among them was Texas Representative, Louie Gohmert, who charged to the front as California’s Brad Sherman was speaking.

Sherman stood in front of boards featuring pictures of those killed in Orlando. When he was interrupted, you can hear shouts of “let him speak!”

“The gentleman is afraid to vote, and afraid to debate!” said Sherman. “And given the weakness of his arguments, and his position, his fears are well founded.”

Not seeing the irony of Sherman’s statement, the Democrats erupted into cheers, thinking that Sherman had just burned the Republicans. But Gohmert wanted to introduce a little reality to Pelosi’s echo chamber that the Democrats had constructed around themselves. Coming to the front, he pointed right at the board filled with Orlando victims and told it like it is.

“Radical Islam killed these poor people!” shouted Gohmert.

Of course, the same person yelling “let him speak” was only too happy to prevent Gohmert from being heard, as the Democrats began chanting over him.

Funny how the moment radical Islam was brought up, Democrats did everything their power to make sure Gohmert couldn’t be heard. At least he understands who the real enemy is hear, and is serious about protecting people from a real threat.

I imagine Gohmert felt like the proverbial last sane man, and I applaud his bringing reality to an otherwise fantasy Democrats have constructed in an attempt to make guns seem like the villain in this story.

(h/t Becket Adams)

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