Socialist Bernie Sanders Lives the High Capitalist Life With Expensive NBA Seats

Bernie Sanders, socialism’s head cheerleader and champion of the little guy, apparently is cool with running around where those he claims to represent typically aren’t seen.


For instance, game seven of the eastern conference finals.

Bernie was seen hanging out with millionaire Danny Glover, directly behind the basket. These seats aren’t cheap. Independent Journal breaks it down for us.

The game broke records in terms of ticket prices, with some seats going for over $10,000. Sanders sat in the 15th row in section 108, directly behind the basket. Tickets for these same seats are going for anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for Thursday’s Finals game, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bernie apparently wanted to cheer the Warriors on, seeing as how their game draws parallels with his campaign, and he wanted these underdogs to win.


He likely won’t see a comeback. Sanders is down so far that any hope of catching up now, especially with Clinton only 71 delegates away from being the official nominee. I find it funny that Sanders can enjoy so much capitalism as he denounces it left and right. He consistently trashing of corporations as he enjoys the benefits they provide, and his private purchase of this ticket to this expensive NBA game shows he’s no different from any other “socialist.”

Of course, Sanders doesn’t truly believe in socialism. When asked about the effects of it on nations like Venezuela, he doesn’t sit and defend, he runs away from the question. You can see him do that for yourself in the interview with Univision.

Enjoy that capitalism, Bernie. I know we do.


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