Rand Paul Goes Ham On Bill Being Voted On Without Lawmakers Reading It

Rand Paul Goes Ham On Bill Being Voted On Without Lawmakers Reading It

Once again, Rand Paul shows why it is he was elected in the first place.

During a vote on HR 2576, Rand Paul took to the floor to voice his objections of not only the bill, but the way it was being pushed through without giving lawmakers ample time to read and understand it.

“One of the pledges I made to the people of Kentucky, when I came here, was that I would read the bills.” said Paul. “This bill came here on Tuesday. It’s 180 pages long. It involves new criminalization, new crimes that will be created at the federal level. It includes preemption of states. It includes a new federal regime which would basically supersede regulations – or lack of regulations – in Louisiana, or Texas, or Oklahoma.”

“It deserves to be read, to be understood, and to be debated.” continued Paul.

The Senator’s office had been working through the bill since its introduction on Tuesday, but the sudden call for a vote set Paul off, and his objection quickly became a passionate rant against the death of federalism and overregulation. All this, before casting his objection with an almost literal mic drop.

Watch the video here.

While many are angry with Paul for sticking to his promise to support the Republican nominee for President – which ended up being Trump – it’s times like when conservatives should be glad we have a guy like this in office. The idea that the government is creating new regulatory agencies at almost the moment a bill is introduced is a scary thought, especially when casts state’s authority aside like so much garbage.

That said, if Paul can’t be our President, then at least he can still be a good example on how to be a lawmaker.

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