Baltimore Mayor Bans Travel to North Carolina Over Transgender Laws

Leftist saint and poster child for mayoral perfection, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rollins, has banned any city funded travel to states such as North Carolina or Mississippi due to their transgender, and religious freedom laws.


“I am hopeful that our efforts, combined with those of so many other progressive governments and companies, will push North Carolina and Mississippi to make the changes necessary to respect all citizens,” she said.

“All city agencies should not bring any North Carolina or Mississippi travel requests,” she wrote in a letter, “until the situation changes.”

This is rich, coming from the mayor who gave rioters “room to destroy” in her city, destroying property and ruining lives within her city. Seeing as how the idea of the religious freedom, and transgender bathrooms laws are there to protect people, and this mayor has allowed harm to come to her city.

In fact, the North Baltimore Patch has a rundown of the numbers for the riots.

Here are some preliminary assessments of the damage:

  • 200-plus businesses destroyed, most minority-owned, many without insurance

  • 113 police officers injured*

  • 144 vehicle fires

  • 15 structure fires, including $16 million senior housing/community center that was 40 percent complete

  • 2,600 volunteers signed up for Saturday cleanup on Pennsylvania Avenue

  • 3,000 National Guardsmen deployed

  • 150-plus National Guard vehicles utilized

  • 486 people arrested in protests and gathering-related activities**

  • 578 Maryland police deployed

  • 283 Pennsylvania police deployed

  • 149 New Jersey police deployed

  • 31,500 to 52,500 pounds of food delivered by Maryland Food Bank to pantries in Mondawmin, Druid Hill, Pimlico, Forest Park, Union Square, Howard Park and Irvington

  • 5 nights of citywide curfew, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.


So, this mayor allows this kind of destructive chaos within their city, but when Mississippi throws in a little order – and common sense order at that – the Mayor sees the opportunity to virtue signal? I find it hard to believe her when she says other states need to make changes to “respect all citizens” when she doesn’t even respect her own.

If anything, states should ban travel to Baltimore. It’s obviously not watched over a mayor whose first concern is safety for her city.



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