Trump Gets A Whopping 5 Times More Airtime Than Cruz On Major Networks

Sick of seeing Donald Trump? Feel like other candidates, like Cruz, are getting the shaft?  Well, for one, you’re not alone.


And you have a good reason to feel that way. There’s more to the Trump coverage than the odd love affair between he and Fox News.

According to Media Research Center analysts, they’ve been covering the amount time each candidate gets on NBC, CBS, and ABC since 2015. During the month of March, the combined total of airtime given to Trump severely outweighs that of any candidate.

The breakdown for March 1st through the 15th looks something like this:

Trump: 267 minutes (70% of total coverage)

Cruz: 52 minutes (10% of total coverage)

Rubio: 31 minutes (14% of total coverage)

Kasich: 18 minutes (6% of total coverage)

Again, this was just March 1st through the 15th. After Rubio dropped out of the race, the numbers increased for the other candidates from the 16th to the 31st.



Cruz more than doubled his coverage, coming in at 21% of alloted time. Analysts say that Cruz saw this bump due to the weirdly vast amount of attention from the media-turned-tabloid networks reporting on Trump’s claims of Cruz’s infidelity, despite lack of evidence (over 5 minutes dedicated). The media did seem more interested in Cruz’s comments about putting extra patrols around Muslim neighborhoods, but not by much (over 6 minutes dedicated).

During that time, however, Trump also saw an increase, as his time now clocked in at 75%. However, the networks’ coverage of Trump were hardly kind, as most were about violence at his campaign rallies (22 minutes dedicated), and the controversy surrounding his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields (17 minutes dedicated).



Not that it mattered much, since Donald Trump’s entire campaign feeds from that time proven motto that “there is no such thing as bad press.” Regardless of the media’s negative coverage of Trump, the entire campaign has made major networks into reality show hosts, as they cover every wag of the tongue, grab of the arm, and oscillation of the wispy comb-over. This gives his haranguing highness more camera time, more stories, and more of your over-soaked attention.

But while we could blame the networks, we really can only blame ourselves. The reason they dedicate that time is because of our unwavering love of train wrecks, and despite continual smashing, the Trump train manages to stay on the track. Question is, how much more crashing can his campaign take?


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