Minimum Wage Hikes Will Send Blue State Refugees To Texas

There are red states, and then there’s Texas. It makes other states look like a lighter shade of pink in many regards, and we really like it that way. We’re into freedom and lower taxes. It’s why we voted people like Greg Abbott into the governorship, and celebrate the appointment of people like Justice Don Willett to the Texas Supreme Court. Two men I would love to see as POTUS, and in SCOTUS respectively.


See, this kind of red state atmosphere makes Texas something of an economically friendly environment. Low taxes, and a superb business climate is – believe it or not – attractive to middle and lower class workers. It’s even more attractive to businesses like Toyota, for instance, who turned its back on California and settled in Texas. They aren’t the only ones, as then Governor, Rick Perry, did a bit of personal poaching from the Golden state and came away with some more jobs for Texas.

One of the reasons businesses like it here so much, is that we don’t pass stupid laws like minimum wage hikes, and make sure not to vote people into office, like Wendy Davis, who think they’re a good idea.

We do that because we’ve seen time, and again that raising the minimum wage doesn’t really help anyone. All it does is serve to increase prices for customers, which makes increasing the minimum wage a moot point.

It doesn’t just hurt the customer, it also hurts the business, and I don’t mean corporations. Those who really suffer are the mom and pops, and small time franchise owner. As Robert Mayfield, a Dairy Queen franchise owner in Austin since 1976 told CNNMoney “”I’ll have to raise my prices on hamburgers and cokes and cones and people who supply me will raise prices on hamburger meat and other supplies. The people making more money from minimum wage are going to find inflation is going to offset any meaningful gains.”


I’m sorry, but I’m going to believe the decades long business owner about minimum wage, over the sophomore college kid with the picket sign, and the ironic scarf in July.

It also doesn’t inspire better work ethic, as those who qualified for entitlements due to their minimum wage situation, suddenly found themselves asking for less hours at their new $15/hr job to still be able to qualify. Not that businesses won’t comply. They’d love to pay workers less money in order to keep their bottom line, and will even force less time on the workers to make sure they do.

Let’s not forget the ever looming threat of the automated worker robot scourge, marching over the minimum wage job market like a bunch of Terminators. They don’t ask for breaks, they don’t get sick, and they don’t picket in the street when their professors tell them they don’t make enough. You don’t even have to pay them!

I could go on about the monstrously bad idea that minimum wage hiking is, but you get this Texan’s point. We don’t want that for our state. Yes, we have a lot of minimum wage workers here, but that’s because businesses can afford them.

So every time I see headlines from Buzzfeed that read “Minimum Wage Will Rise To $15 In New York,” my first thought isn’t “wow, that’s stupid,” it’s “crap, they’re going to flee to Texas.”


Yes. Because of your blue state wage hikes hiking prices that add to the already ungodly tax burden you force on your residents, people naturally seek greener – and by greener, I mean money – pastures.


And while they flee to other states, Texas’s pasture is by far the greenest. So they end up coming here, and they do so in vast numbers. In fact, migration to Texas from California just hit its highest in decades.

Here’s the rub. Many of your blue state refugees are the ones who voted for the high taxes, minimum wage hikes, and government interference in businesses. I’d like to say that they learned from their mistakes, but this isn’t the case. Believe me, I lived in Austin where many of these California refugees ended up, and they’re bluer than a choking Smurf. (Sorry. Chocking.)

These people are clearly dumb, and they leave their blue state, after voting for dumb policies that made it too expensive to live there, and import their dumb to Texas, where they – being dumb – vote for the same dumb policies that forced them to flee from their previous dumb state.

How do I know this will happen? Because it’s happened in the past. Virginia accepted DC residents, and now they have Terry McAuliffe. Democrats fleeing Massachusetts took their voting habits to New Hampshire, and now it’s a battleground state. Hell, California already did it to Colorado.


As you can see, the unofficial motto of the left is “it’ll work this time.” They’ll take that thinking to Texas, which already proved that conservatism works, and turn it into another blue state for people to flee.

So please, blue states, don’t raise your minimum wage. Not just because it screws over your working class citizens, but because it’ll be Texas who has to deal with the refugees from the fallout. Your failures may become our failures, and it’s clear that Texas is not about failing. We’re a place of winners who like our state the crimson shade it is.

Instead, stay where you are, vote as a Texan would, and create your own Texas.


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