The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: DeSantis Silence and 'Latinx' Spice Get Served in Gas Stove Debate

Your source to mainline mainstream media melodrama and malpractice.

This was a week full of the journalism complex stepping on rakes and otherwise embarrassing themselves at a steady pace. The New York Times did a study of looking into the Hunter laptop fiasco. They came up with a number of details, but also tried to say that the claims the Republicans have long made are well off-base. The only issue with that: those details they confirmed were actually what the GOP had been contending all along.

There was also an amusing panel on CNN, where they addressed the issue of blocking the use of the term “Latinx,” calling it offensive in the same manner that misgendering a person is offensive. That the overwhelming majority of Hispanics do not use the term was lost on these pundits.

Then we learn that after years of Trump bashing the media, the fact that Ron DeSantis does not engage in the press that way could be even worse. Finally, we share a long look into the week-long distemper in the press regarding gas stoves.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem.



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