‘Gas Stove-ing’ America: After Failing to Sell a Crisis, the Media Blames Conservatives and Hilariously Burn Themselves

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The irony in all of the gas stove hysteria this week is the gaslighting that took place on two fronts.


For generations, gas stoves have been a fixture in this country. While not necessarily ubiquitous they are a common sight in many kitchens, a fixture in most restaurants, and a very common presence in backyards in the form of barbeques. But all of a sudden this week, they became labeled as the biggest scourge known to the nation and a dire threat in any home that uses these to prepare meals.

Citing studies of a questionable nature (one sealed off a kitchen to measure gas levels, canceling out ventilation) the focus on these ovens seemed to be a cause for eliminating the use of propane and other forms of gas. The Wall Street Journal notes that even the EPA discounted the threat of gas stoves.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency says “gas stoves (and gas fireplace inserts) do not require EPA certification. Whether designed to burn natural gas or propane, they burn very cleanly, emitting very little pollution.” It adds that “many cooking appliances and the process of cooking itself can increase levels of indoor PM [particulate matter].”

Another study they referenced undercuts the primary threat claim, that asthma and other alleged health risks are elevated by these gas stoves. The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood concluded that there is “no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis.

These cooking implements have been around for roughly 200 years, yet this week, we saw a new outcry against these vile hotboxes and a surge in notable people claiming to be experts in the matter of gas dangers in the home. It was a ridiculous hysteria and yet, as the farcical theory arose that gas stoves could become a banned item there was pushback from the general public in the form of applied common sense and mockery. (By the following measure, we might assume AOC has four or more gas stoves in her dwelling.)


Once this effort was met with public scorn, the issue was quickly removed from the back burner. As quickly as this hype welled up – and as uniformly as it was reported by journalists – it was soon pulled back. The official word came from the White House by Tuesday that Jose Biden had no intention of banning these gas stoves. And this led to the second bout of gaslighting from the press.

Overnight, the narrative shifted 180 degrees from “These ovens are a problem” to now, “These conservatives are trying to create a problem!” The topic, which was entirely generated from the left, was roundly ridiculed and in response, the claim now is that those on the right were responsible for turning this non-issue into a major news problem. 

And now we have reached the stage of this storyline where the truth has to yank on its trousers as the lie is racing around the ether. Just to beat back this recent dose of overheated blaming, the entire reason gas stoves became an issue this week was an interview in Bloomberg with Richard Trumka, from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. He sparked this whole discussion of a “ban” taking place.


How can we be sure? To find the detail you will need to read all the way down…to THE HEADLINE OF THE PIECE.

Even ABC News, in its attempt to sweep away any claims of there being a chance to ban these stoves had to break down and admit that the prospect of eliminating them is a possibility. It is tough to say that those saying a ban was proposed are being hyperbolic and generating hysteria when Trumka himself invoked that very concept.

This is how damned ridiculous this entire timeline became. The Washington Post tried to come out with two pieces describing the GOP as the force behind the hype over these stoves. Funny thing – this was the same paper hyping the need to demonize the stoves before there was a blowback.


Clearly, what has taken place here is the left tried floating a trial balloon as part of Biden’s green agenda, and the press fell into lockstep, flooding the zone with repetitive messaging on the vile nature of propane ovens. Then when the public outcry/pushback/mockery welled up there was an immediate shift in the messaging. The administration backed away and the press altered its narrative.

This is what happens when our media complex is simply a Democrat PR division. It is the same Blather-Convince-Repeat formula, and once things unravel on them, the knee-jerk reaction is to highlight the conservative reaction, to elide the failed messaging. This coming year is already shaping up as a rough one for our journalism complex in this country.


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