MSNBC Race Hustler Joy Reid Insults GOP Woman of Color Who Made Historic Win

Mayra Flores For Congress

Once again, a journalist who praises identity politics gets caught attacking minorities.

It has become a tired trope in the media, that any time there is the slightest demographic inroad made by a Democrat it has to be trumpeted as an achievement. Every election, it is certain that we will hear something about a candidate becoming the “first” individual in some tangential category to be elected. It becomes a strained effort, as time goes on. She becomes the first female, left-handed, POC, fructose-intolerant, comptroller west of the Mississippi!


Conservatives who fit these categories, meanwhile, never manage to spark this hyperventilating reaction. Look at the most recent elections in Virginia, where GOP voters installed a black female for Lieutenant Governor, and a Hispanic Attorney General. The press not only ignored these landmark wins, but they also insisted the results were racist – because the nearly translucent Terry MacAuliffe lost to Glenn Youngkin.

Likewise, recent primaries in Texas showed Republicans had nominated a number of Hispanics, and the journalists could practically be heard stampeding away from these results. Either this was because the reality of Latin voter flight from the Democrats would have to be mentioned, or it was that all of the prior buildup of the state’s voting law, they promised, would disenfranchise minority voters. Hard to keep whitewashing with that fable, in the face of minority nominees.

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Now, in practiced fashion, Joy Reid arrives to give us her rendition of the results from another Texas voting result. In a special election for the 34th Congressional district, Republican Mayra Flores won handily. This is a huge result, as it is a historically Blue district, with a massive majority of Hispanic voters, and one that Biden took by double-digits in the 2020 general contest. Add to this that Flores becomes the first member of Congress to be born in Mexico.

Despite all of these historical achievements – the likes of which normally have journos all a-quiver – Reid managed to overlook all of that and see the real issue. The elation-averse Joy came to this conclusion – “Victory for Mayra Flores, the QAnon-curious Republican who flipped a House seat in the Democratic stronghold of South Texas.” 


If that has you shaking your brainpan or palming your forehead, you are not the only one doing so. Where to even begin with this imbecilic assessment? How about with the fact that Reid was spoon-fed this daft conclusion by none other than Media Matters. That will only guide you down the pathway of indolence and embarrassment.

Further, anyone considering Qanon as an ongoing entity of any sort exposes themselves as an unthinking dolt who disdains analytical thought. Qanon shut down its operation – such as it was – over a year ago. The New York Times went through the pain of pinning down who was behind the site. It was a pair of nobodies who lacked any real political influence or connections. To this day, we still see journalists attempting to make this a valid critique.

Then there is the small matter of Flores coming out with statements where she impugned the Qanon thinking. She told a Texas paper, of the conspiracy crowd, “I’ve always been against any of that. I’ve never been supportive of it.” 

Still, this was not enough for Reid or her guest, Democrat pollster from Florida and regular guest analyst at the network, Fernand Amandi. He swallowed the MMfA Kool-Aide shooter in one gulp and gave this brave conclusion.

Joy, it’s a lot like that zombie movie, World War Z. You run enough of these zombie election denier MAGA candidates — you know — it’s tough to pick ‘em all off when they’re all coming at the same time.

Yet, those members of the press who still cycle the Qanon narrative are not the zombies, we are to understand. Great, gang, you just continue with that as your messaging, and someday–maybe–you will defeat that conspiracy scourge that has not been around for some time and was operated by randos with no political juice. That will get you nowhere, but stand on that throttle.


Meanwhile, they will overlook a Hispanic female from Mexico winning a seat in a blue district and garnering support from a Democratic Patry-fleeing, Latino voting bloc. That kind of behavior is normally highlighted nightly– by Joy Reid herself–as racist. Ah, but when a conservative is mentioned, then the import of race is negated completely, according to the press. This should end well for them.


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