The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Journalists Play Doctrinal Experts Over Pelosi and LGBTQ Activism Keeps Fracturing

Your source to mainline the mayhem in mainstream media.

The news that Nancy Pelosi was denied a communion wafer has transformed the journalists in this country into theistic scholars. There is no shortage of media members willing to lecture the church leaders on proper Catholic comportment — the same individuals who, for weeks, on the abortion debate were telling us there was no place for religion in politics, and the devout need to be quiet. Now, politics needs to be inserted into the church, as the journos will not shut up.

Then there is some extended discussion about the LGBTπ community and how it has been overtaken by those in need of being heard. Funny how those who say there is a need for more awareness sport about 50 different flags and have one-third of the calendar dedicated to various commemorative dates.

Also, a NY Times writer details what he cannot write about concerning the President, Jake Tapper violates the COVID lectures of…Jake Tapper, and the leader of the Bulwark walks the plank over a self-created foul-up.

Now crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.





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