Jake Tapper Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Infuriates Staffers by Taping His Show Anyway

It seems like the hypocrisy on the Left never ends. Earlier we brought you the report that Dr. Antony Fauci often used to prance around in the White House barefaced while constantly lecturing us about how we should never take our masks off. Now CNN anchor and COVID Shamer-in-Chief Jake Tapper reportedly tested positive for COVID earlier this month, but stayed at the studio to tape his show anyway.  Do these people not own mirrors?


The Daily Beast Confider reports that the move infuriated some staffers at the low-rated network and that many were in fact “seething.”

Tapper, 53, received a positive test at the network’s Washington bureau on Monday, May 9, just ahead of his usual 4 p.m. show, “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” Rather than head home, he Instead hung around to tape the show; I guess because what, he’s just that important? The following day, he was replaced by Dana Bash, and by Wednesday he was back on air apparently streaming from a home studio. “This happened in the same week that the country was mourning the millionth death due to COVID, which Jake covered on his show,” one pissed-off staffer told Confider.

This is the same Jake Tapper who, as our own Bonchie reported back in 0ctober 2020, absolutely torched then-President Trump for contracting the virus:


Oh, really, Jake? And how exactly might it have been avoided? He continued on the shame tour:

“The Americans who don’t listen to science or medicine, who think masks are too instrusive, who pack bars, who willfully risk spreading the virus—you are making it worse for all of us. You are extending how long this pandemic will last, and it is tragic to say many if not most of you are taking your cues from the leader of the free world.”

Where to start with this pile of hot garbage? First, how could this all have been avoided? If you knew the secret, how come you didn’t share it? Second, now that you’ve tested positive, I don’t see you out there blasting Joe Biden, who promised he would fix this and yet failed miserably – more Americans have died under his watch than under Trump’s. Third, you’re torching all sorts of citizens who yes, wanted to go to a bar and see people and not go permanently insane… you’re torching them but it’s you who had a full-on positive case of the ‘rona and yet stayed in the office. It’s almost beyond belief.

The Daily Beast had more unflattering words for the maligning anchor:

Tapper, who is known to slide into reporters’ DMs to lash out at them for their coverage of him and CNN—and can be quite robust in his “feedback,” according to two people on the receiving end of his missives—was so freaked the story would leak that he had The Most Trusted Name in News’ enormous PR team working overtime to run interference on media outlets that called to ask for comment.


Not only is he completely hypocritical, but he’s also trying to cover it up.

DailyMail reports that zero-credibility CNN of course denies the report, saying in a statement that Tapper followed safety protocols. “When he was notified of the positive result, he asked CNN execs what to do and then followed it to the letter—he double-masked and isolated, did the show solo in a flash studio (single-person enclosed room), and went home immediately after.”

Oh, good for him. But you know and I know that if it had been somebody else, Tapper would still be hollering to the hills that the person was a “danger to democracy!”


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