'The Rainbow Is Slowly Disappearing': The Political Monster Is Eating the LGBT Community Alive

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There’s an allegory floating around out there about feeding a monster so it will eat you last. It serves as a warning to anyone who lends their support to a cause that has its own agenda because eventually that agenda will come first and you’ll end up suffering for that.

It’s something that’s often applied to anyone or anything that integrates itself into radical leftist politics. A person or group may experience a height and power they’ve never experienced before, but in the end, leftism has loyalty to one thing and one thing only; power. You might have the noblest of intentions for throwing your weight behind a leftist cause, but rest assured, at some point you will be used, abused, and eventually discarded.

For the LGBT community, many didn’t see this coming despite its inevitability. When the fight for LGBT rights began, their primary opponent was the religious right, and in an effort to change this on the political level, they attached themselves to the political left. Over time, the LGBT community became synonymous with the Democrat Party. If you were gay, you were a Democrat. Being a gay Republican was just unthinkable. The LGBT community and the religious right were two entities diametrically opposed to one another.

Years and years passed and something started to shift. The big tent of the right began getting more welcoming as generations became more willing to welcome things previous generations refused to. Libertarianism began creeping into the establishment and with that came a slow and steady change in how the ideology viewed socio-political issues. This included how welcomed LGBT members of our society were, and sure enough, LGBT groups and names began appearing under the umbrella of conservatism.

Today, there are very respected members of the conservative side who identify as alternative sexuality. This is happening while many on the right maintain their positions on homosexuality, gay marriage, and more, which is okay. People kept their beliefs, but they did so under the understanding that one doesn’t have to be straight in order to appreciate freedom, small government, and common sense economics.

But while conservatism was going through this change, the left was going through its own change as well. After 2010, the LGBT community began experiencing a shift in terms of emphasis. The “T” in the lineup of letters began shining brighter than the rest. At first, this wasn’t a bad thing, but soon it began consuming everything. So much so that as years went by, the “T” began attempting to dictate rules to the L, G, and the B. Over time, they began adding more letters to the lineup till it was so hard to keep track that they just added “+.”

Soon, the rainbow flag that represented the LGBT community began getting more and more crowded, and as it did the original colors were getting pushed out further and further. The LGB of the group isn’t happy about it as you can see by the tweet below.

Funny enough, that isn’t even the final form the flag has taken according to social justice groups. One Twitter user had a very good visual representation of what the modern LGBT movement looks like now.

I’m not here to gloat about how the LGBT community is now being eaten alive by the activists it empowered to push their politics for them because it would inaccurate to do so. Many members of the LGBT community are just normal people who wanted to be able to live their lives without fear of government intervention and to be treated just like anyone else in society. Which is fair. Many of them didn’t understand who they were getting in bed with politically speaking, they just knew that their tactics worked and things were becoming a bit more tolerant.

What I am here to point out is that there’s a lesson to be learned here, and I’ll continue to point this out until I die.

The political left has no loyalty. It has no heroes and very little is actually sacred. They will use anything and anyone to further the cause of garnering more power. The LGBT community was always going to find itself overtaken by radicals who wanted to use it as a platform to push more politics. The radical activists were always going to wield it to push more radicalism. Soon, the people who just wanted to be the same, and to be left alone, were going to get sidelined or even rejected by the movement.

You can see it happening as lesbians are having to deal with transgender women in their midst, and accusing them of transphobia for not wanting to sleep with what are biological men.

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At some point, leftist politics will demand more than you’re willing to give and if you don’t give it you’ll be treated as if you’d never were.



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