State Farm Insurance Rolls out Its 'Like a Creepy Neighbor' Campaign by Pushing LGTBQIA2S+ Propaganda to Kids

State Farm, the insurance company that has made its network of local agents and “good neighbor” image its brand, has decided to go woke.

A report by Consumer First documents how State Farm is enlisting its field agents to distribute books pushing sexual deviancy to teachers, community centers, and libraries.





This atrocity is the result of a collaboration, we’re told by Jose Soto, “he/him/his,” a so-called “corporate responsibility analyst,” between State Farm and “The GenderCool Project.” According to Soto, he/him/his goal is to recruit 550 State Farm agents, specifically six in Florida, to encourage adults to use the trust they’ve established with the parents of young children to sell the children on embracing sexual deviancy and dysfunction before they are quite sure what sex is. While the email we have is from Soto, we can be sure that similar emails have been sent to agents across the nation as the program is nationwide, and Soto is a State Farm functionary with responsibility for Florida.

It is difficult to understand why any company would wish to insert itself into the process of encouraging child abuse and gender confusion that didn’t involve sociopathic viciousness or pedophilia, or both. Yet, many other corporations are collaborating with the groomers behind this project. According to the group’s website Dell, Intuit, Nike, NBC Universal, Adobe, General Mills, Capital One, Intel, Indeed, HP, VMware, Bank of America, Bayer, Out & Equal, Sprout Social, Prudential, CBRE, Oracle, USDA, Abbvie, JLL, and Allstate are all working to convince your kids they are actually not normal and need surgical mutilation and a lifetime of synthetic hormones to achieve true happiness. We don’t know if all those woke corporations — and one federal agency — are involved in the books-from-groomers program; if they aren’t, you can rest assured they are doing something equally obnoxious.


*LGBTQIA2S+ sounds ridiculous because it is, but there are people out there who use it, and they need to be mocked.


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