The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Abortion Antics, Fact-Check Foibles, and Problematic Posts

Your source to mainline the mayhem from mainstream media.

It is an all-out Friday Document Dump™ episode this time around, with a bevy of items from across the media spectrum.

As to be expected, the flare-up over the abortion news out of the Supreme Court has the press in a state of distemper. I’ll cover Brian Stelter getting the facts wrong in order to call conservatives liars, The Denver Post going into full pro-abortion lobbying, and the Washington Post delivering a sympathetic profile that essentially defies common sense.

Also, the New York Times has had a tough week of it, business outlet CNBC is confused as to why businesses are not entering the abortion arena, we have the White House press office becoming a correspondents’ desk for a network, and then some fact-check follies to round out the week.

Pop open a can, and enjoy a round of media mockery!





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