The Denver Post Goes Into Full Pro-Abortion Lobbyist Mode Following SCOTUS Leak

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Journalism is dispatched for blatant advocacy of pro-abortion content.

The leak from the Supreme Court of a draft opinion regarding an upcoming ruling that impacts the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973 has many on the left becoming unhinged. It also has revealed the press as being largely filled with liberal partisans. Many in the press have been broadcasting imbalanced reactions to this document leak, exposing their undiluted partisanship.


As I noted in my latest Lie-Able Sources podcast, many journalists have been fine expressing support for the possible damage to the highest court as a result of this position. They do this when just days ago they were telling us about the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk being a threat to our democracy. They were setting hair on fire that a social media website could render the underpinnings of our nation, but now they are cheerleading as one of the branches of that government is under attack.

Taking things to an even deeper departure from journalistic ethics is the Denver Post. In a rushed out column from writer Conrad Swanson, the news outlet dispatches all pretense of being an unbiased source of news and opts instead for full-on, undiluted pro-abortion activism. Swanson does not pretend to analyze the issue but instead takes the time to fully advocate for getting the procedure, to the extent of offering up guidance on what can be done to maintain abortion access.

The paper shows its stance in the glowing way it describes how the state will not be affected if Roe v. Wade is repealed. “Abortion will remain legal in Colorado. Lawmakers enshrined that right in state law last month.” More than simply displaying disappointment in the potential ruling to come from SCOTUS, the Denver Post sees this only as a negative nationally, and the full article is filled with what the ramifications will be, and what can be done about it.

Because of Colorado’s abortion rights, providers in the state are likely to be stretched further by an influx of patients coming from out of state, Bolaños Perea said. Medical providers were already working to meet an increase in out-of-state patients during the pandemic.


This sounds like a negative, but then Conrad does something amazing from a supposed journalist: He wants to compound this challenge for their abortion providers by giving a tutorial on how out-of-state women can come to Colorado for the procedure. We see the outright abdication of journalism standards and are presented with a public relations effort that would make Planned Parenthood swoon.

Throughout the piece, there are quotes from those on only one side of the issue — a pro-abortion activist, a PPFA director, and an abortion doctor are given a full platform to deliver all the needed guidance on getting an abortion in Colorado. There is not a single attempt to look at this critically, nor is there a single voice heard from the other side of the issue. It is pure positive promotion. 

This abortion agitprop concludes with a comprehensive guidebook of sorts. Swanson gives suggested sites where women outside of Colorado can go to get financial assistance in order to have an in-state procedure performed. Then a link is given for Act Blue, the fundraising portal operated by the Democratic Party. 

And if there is any question about where the Denver Post stands on its outward promotion of abortions, it even guides women away from the possibility of being offered an alternative. A link is provided to “legitimate clinics” where the desired procedure is promised. What they mean by this term is to steer women away from those centers where guidance might be provided to offer women alternatives. This is done, as the paper admits,to avoid ‘crisis pregnancy centers,’ which seek to talk women out of abortions.” 


The brazenness of this article is amazing. The Denver Post made the editorial decision to go with being a complete pro-abort advocacy outlet, all the way up to waving warning flags away from sources that might influence women away from getting the procedure. This is a stark position editorially, and it displays exactly what lies ahead for us with the media in the coming months.

Gird yourselves, as we are about to become awash in this type of partisan “journalism” as this issue moves forward.


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