The 8 Most Important Innovations Millennials Contributed in 2021 Are Really Just ‘Relabeling’

The 8 Most Important Innovations Millennials Contributed in 2021 Are Really Just ‘Relabeling’
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It has been a remarkable year of creation for those Millennials who have no concept of history.

There has been a reliable trait with the Millennials of our world, and that is a tendency to operate like their position in history is rather centered. We have been treated to numerous entries in recent years where these folks display the tendency to assume things they encounter are new worldly experiences. One case, as an example, is the surprise to learn that actress Catherine O’Hara in “Schitt’s Creek” was also the mother in the “Home Alone” films. Performers actually have a body of work – who knew?!

In this fashion, 2021 was filled with amazing new discoveries that are sure to revolutionize our way of life…if you have not been paying attention to society for decades. Or even centuries. Not to dump on the entire Millennial generation, this list is more an example of those who have entered the journalism market and have no sense of their place in our shared timeline – and also no sense of research. I suppose those who have been weaned on the concept of lifehacks (did you know you have been eating bananas incorrectly all this time?!) are prone to think they have latched on to a new way of thinking. 

Here is a list of eight, mirthful “discoveries” that we have been exposed to in 2021.



If you lead an upright and dignified life, you may have missed that there is a generational battle right now over the provenance of certain cuts of denim blue jeans. And, yes — I do realize noting this insipid feud means I am not an upright and dignified sort. Millennials and Gen-Z have been squealing over who is responsible for skinny cut or flared versions of these pants which have been around since the 1800s. I harken back to my days of sporting Levis 501s, and my thought at the time was I am wearing a throwback style, not that I invented the button fly.


Food Delivery

For years already, doorstep food services like Doordash have been growing, and the onset of the pandemic saw a fearful populace resorting to these options at an elevated rate. Millennials have operated with the conceit that their creation of the app-fueled delivery services made this all possible. “According to career data website Zippia, the average age of a grocery clerk in the United States is 39; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average age of a food prep worker is 29. And according to a survey conducted by restaurant supplier U.S. Foods, the median age of a food delivery person is 31. Millennials. All of them.”

Someone needs to sit them down and explain how folks back in, say, the 1940s obtained milk and dairy products, or what the term “30 minutes or it’s free” refers to.



The eggheads at Unilad Tech claimed to have come up with a new and “innovative” (their word) method of generating electricity. They take a paddlewheel and dunk it into a flowing river, and the ensuing rotations are used as a means of creating power. Simply revolutionary…according to them.

The “Trackless Train”

It was excitable news coming out of China that engineers there had created a new autonomous train, and the bigger innovation is that it is not reliant upon conventional rail lines! This “train” can operate on virtual tracks, meaning it has the ability to actually go anyplace by design. Most people looked over this revolutionary video and arrived at the same conclusion.


Time Blocking

This one might be my favorite. USA Today was there to deliver for us a transitional trend spotted on TikTok, where we can completely alter our day-to-day lives.

Users have come up with a new task-management system, one they have dubbed “Time Blocking,” in order to categorize essential activities to maximize efficiency and lead to a sharp rise in productivity which can deliver an expansion in the fulfillment of goals and achievements. We are given a viral scheduling strategy that can help overcome procrastination and even alleviate stress. This sounds like a landmark development in the expansion of possibilities for anyone, so for those of you who are not on TikTok, I’ll summarize this revolution for you in this way:

The kids discovered how to use calendars.


Collocating Arcane Items

The activity of seeking out particular objects and gathering them together into a recognizable grouping is supposedly a Millennial trend. I have always operated under the assumption that people formed personal collections since – well, forever – but apparently this is a new practice that is undertaken these days.


Gallery Walls

This has been a home decor trend for a time, but it has become reported with vigor this year. This is a perfect example of how discovery or ownership of an item is assumed with the practice of merely renaming something that has always been around. To explain; peer around your domicile right now. Do you see any place where you have more than one framed item or photograph hung together? Congratulations, you are now a trendy interior designer executing the use of Gallery Walls!



The rise in real estate values has meant that residences can be too costly for certain individuals priced out of the market. One solution is called Co-Living, where a residential community living model is created that accommodates three or more biologically unrelated people who can reside in share spaces. That sounds vastly more important than the practice of “finding roommates.”

Let’s just call this Millennials phenomenon by its real name — relabeling.

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