We Are Facing Threats to Our Democracy by Those Alleging False Threats to Our Democracy 

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The use of vile distractions is employed by those posing the biggest threats to democracy.

It has become a tiresome dose of hysterics in 2021. Ever since the riot that took place in the Capitol on January 6, the Democrats and the press (yes, yes, I know) have been in a constant state of issuing warnings. That event, and the suspicions behind the efficacy of the preceding election, have been described as being a direct threat to our democracy. That the riot – not an insurrection – did not damage the democracy is hardly an issue for the accusers. It did not even impact the verification vote, as it was held that same evening.


Yet we are constantly being told that almost any action or proposal by Republicans is a threat to our democratic system of government. Vice President Kamala Harris fumbled mightily Sunday as she showed how this claim has become the rote narrative from her administration, her party, and the media complex. She stepped on a rake as she appeared with Margaret Brennan on Face The Nation and tried to push this narrative.

When asked by Brennan what she considered to be the biggest threat to our national security Harris responded, “​Frankly, one of them is our democracy.” She eventually came around to correctly restate her comment, yet it is more than a shining example of her incompetent public performances – this was, after all not a live interview flub but a taped segment where she could have asked to rerecord her comment. It also displays how this topic is an automatic response anymore from the left side of the political spectrum.

All year, we have seen this accusatory rhetoric spread out from just the riot being an attack on our political system. Items as diverse as states passing voter integrity laws to gerrymandering are said to possibly topple our governmental foundation. Claims have been made that even repealing abortion laws and “radicalized Christianity” are threatening our democracy. These threats are always said to derive from the same source, with some even declaring the mere existence of Republicans constitutes the end of our political norms.

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Yet it is not shocking to step back and see that what is taking place is a combination of projection and political opportunism. Democrats have been desiring an alteration to our political system because they have not wrested enough control, and they see the event on January 6 as a means to insist that something must be done, leading to proposing true radical manipulations to our governance.

Below is a list of items that have been proposed by Democrats, and supported in the press in just the past year. These are tellingly never seen as threats to our democratic system but are instead sold as a necessary means of combating their own cries of threats. Look at these proposals and agendas that the President and his party have promoted, and then try to explain how these are not threats to our democracy.

Pushing Mandates

This is one of the most blatant maneuvers and one of the least talked about. Joe Biden has used the pandemic response as a means to exert sweeping federal controls, in violation of states’ rights. That he announced his willingness to do so before he was sworn in has been largely ignored. Currently, the Supreme Court is addressing his vaccine requirements, itself a normal process of our democracy. The troubling aspect is the brazen manner the administration is willing to challenge the Constitution. Previously, when notified of the workplace mandates being a violation, Ron Klain amazingly admitted that they would use OSHA enforcement as a Constitutional workaround. When told that his forcible enforcement of CDC standards to impose an eviction moratorium was not in his power, Joe Biden boldly said he would still push it forward until the courts tell him to stop, which they did. Somehow Biden’s disregard of the Constitution is never labeled as a threat to our democracy.


Election Laws

Of course, the various states looking to address their own voting laws have been demonized for doing so. The response has been to come up with a new federal voting rights bill. That this arrives as a result of the state laws being hyperbolically described is the first sign of manipulation. Biden has described Georgia and other states adjusting voting standards as the return of Jim Crow laws. That many of these new standards were less intrusive than other states’ already existing laws is hardly a matter for them. That a federal law would steamroll states’ rights is obviously a threat to our basis as a republic.

Court Packing

It is amazing that what had been considered an extremist pipe dream just years ago is being warmly debated as a viable option for Joe Biden. The Democrats have long viewed the courts as a means of circumventing legal mores by having activist judges, and seeing so many conservative appointments has angered them to the extent of wanting to make a radical change and have Biden appoint more compliant justices by fiat. Consider his cavalier attitude towards the Constitution and you see how threatening this move would be towards imposing his chosen strict leadership.

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Build Back Better

Joe Biden’s hoped-for, image-establishing spending bill would expand government and grant more permissions to the authorities while centralizing power in D.C. The sweeping proposals under the guise of infrastructure would send federal tendrils into numerous aspects of our economy and society. Just one example of the pernicious aspects is seen in the included proposal to have the government actually subsidize news outlets across the country.


Removing The Filibuster

No better example of the desire for totalitarian control is seen than in this foolish debate. After centuries of practice, suddenly this voting tactic in the Senate is regarded as a fundamental threat to our system of government simply because the Dems cannot get their way. The filibuster has suddenly been demonized as a racist tool and a hateful blockage of freedoms and service to the country. That so few in the press note that these same Democrats used the filibuster over 400 times to block Trump proposals and set a record last year in the number of times the filibuster was invoked is a sign of the collusion. 

Creating New States

Another proposal to solve the stalemate in the Senate has been to promote the idea of converting Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia into the 51st and 52nd states in the union. Not only a cheap ploy to create new Democrat Senators, the idea of making D.C. into a state is also prevented by the Constitution. The Founders stipulated that the nation’s capital remain a neutral district not governed by a partisan leadership.

The Border

Joe Biden has shown a complete dereliction of duty in metaphorically kicking open the doors at the border. In his first weeks in office, Biden signed a huge number of executive orders (itself a practice that could be deemed a democratic threat), and the majority of those measures were to remove enforcement measures at our southern border. For Biden to pave the way for the flood of illegal immigrants we are experiencing to this day is a direct and obvious threat to this nation’s integrity.


Challenging the Makeup of the Senate

One of the more idiotic proposals seen in the press is to declare that the Senate is an unfair wing to our bicameral composition of the government. A number of stunted thinkers in the press who love to screech about our democracy being altered are at the same time suggesting that the Senate represents imbalanced power in Congress. They call it unfair that sparsely populated states have the same leverage as more densely occupied states, in either abject ignorance of the reason for the republic’s representation or in defiance of this. Either is a direct attack on the foundation of this government.

Pelosi’s Takeover

One of the lightly noted events to spring after the January 6 riot was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking steps to block President Trump from having access to the nuclear launch codes. She reached out to General Mark Miley on the Joint Chiefs of Staff to keep this access from the President, on the basis of Pelosi’s own assessment of Trump’s mental state. In a letter she wrote to her fellow Democrats, she declared, “This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.” If ever there were a sign of threatening democratic propriety, seeing the Speaker usurping the authority of a standing President has to rise above almost any other example found. Consider all of the shriekings heard about our democracy being under assault and not a single voice doing so is willing to mention this action at the same time. For all of the reports of insurrection in the press, they have completely moved past this obvious coup activity that transpired.


Now look at this list of democratic contrivances and note one other detail: All of these proposals are being undertaken or explored not by the party out of power, but by the party insisting they were duly elected. We are supposed to fully accept that Joe Biden was rightfully elected in the last election, the press demands, yet it is the Democrats who are still pushing for these radical alterations to our democratic system. They have “won” in their estimation, but in the desire to operate with a mandate they need to completely change the rules to suit their desires.

The goal is to entrench them in a position of permanent power. That is the true threat to democracy.


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