Hollywood Joins in on the Insipid Astroturf Push to End the Filibuster

Hollywood Joins in on the Insipid Astroturf Push to End the Filibuster
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Funny how the new effort to alter Senate rules is rooted in dark money — and minds who are kept in the dark.

If it feels as if the recent massive push to have the longtime Senate tool — the filibuster — eliminated as an artificial drive, that is because it is exactly that. It is telling that a rule that has been in existence for centuries, and has been a reliably favorite one used by Democrats, has overnight become regarded as a deeply problematic device and one that is rooted in racial hatred. This PR effort has been funded by a commonly known outside force, and on cue, Hollywood has joined in the effort like clapping seals.

It is always a dicey proposition to invoke the name George Soros in any political machinations, as he is the ever-present, accused boogeyman behind so many liberal efforts, but there are numerous times his mention is a valid one. Through a series of layered, non profit outfits, the Soros money is ultimately funneled to a sub-organization called Fix Our Senate. It is from this portal that news outlets are fed stories, national commercials are purchased, and then the celebrities also are collared to become stunted mouthpieces for the cause.

Let’s start with actress Piper Perabo. She says, in the always effective use of the PSA video, that she is ‘’pissed’’ that some Democrat senators — Manchin and Sinema — are willing to oppose the filibuster rollback. She asks, rhetorically, ‘’Didn’t we take back the Senate?!’’ Well Piper, no – you did not. The Senate boasts a true, 50/50 division. That would be an indicator to most rational people that voters wanted a divided chamber. Gridlock is actually a natural result of this result.

She then declares the filibuster to be ‘’One big racist problem’’. Well, here would be a question for the Hollywood galaxy-minded performer: if this is so racist why did the Democrats use it to record amounts in 2020? Last year, the Democrats used the filibuster 327 times, while the GOP used it — once. Who is the racist political party as a result of that spread? She also calls for the pressure to be made on these two politicians, ‘’Even if you do not live in Arizona or West Virginia.’’ So politicians acting on behalf of their constituents are evil, because Hollywood disapproves of their vote.

Following her lead was former ‘’West Wing’’ star Bradley Whitford. He is also upset at the two Democrats because he is upset at Mitch McConnell — I think. He declares that ‘’it’s past time to end the filibuster.’’ Just a few months ago it was perfectly acceptable, but that November election changed everything. Now, the filibuster is racist, so they need to fundraise off of it. It has been mere months since the Democrats used it on average more than once a day — but now suddenly it is past time!

Another confused sort is actor Paul Bettany, known for playing an A.I. voice in ‘’Iron Man’’ and portraying its next-generation iteration of a robot, dubbed Vision. Bettany shows he only behaves according to the program fed to him, as he is likewise confused over the lack of a mandate last November.

Paul, who ends up repeating the same script Piper read from, tells us “Last I heard the American people elected a Democratic president, and a Democratic majority in the Senate.” Well, the man needs to check his math…or his sources. A number of other challenged-thinking celebrities retweeted Pirabo’s video, such as Chelsea Handler and Andy Richter, proof that original thought and intellectual curiosity are beyond their grasp.   

What you have taking place is a collection of sheep telling the rest of their flock how to think and feel on a matter. Small matter that the shepherds who are feeding them this script in the trough were themselves using the ‘’racist’’ filibuster to record amounts last year. The filibuster is a problem today!

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