Manchin's Latest Remarks on BBB Bill Are Going to Cause a Leftist Meltdown

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Earlier this month we saw the Democrats in the House come to something of an agreement to hold a vote on the Build Back Better bill this week.

But moderates moving forward was dependent on getting the CBO information, and the CBO said they wouldn’t have that in until the end of the day on Friday. The House is also supposed to be going into recess after Friday as well. So, that doesn’t leave a lot of time this week to get it done.


The greater problem was that the moderates are not going to be happy when they get the CBO information and understand that Joe Biden was selling them a bill of goods about it all being ‘paid for.’

Not only do you have that, but now you have the latest remarks from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). And the remarks are going to cause a major meltdown with those on the left.

Assuming that the House passes the bill this week — and that’s a big if — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was saying he wanted to have the Senate pass it into law by Christmas.

However, here’s the problem. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) didn’t bother to get the Senate input on the text that they’re considering voting on in the House. She went ahead and kept paid leave in the bill, knowing it was something that Manchin has been against.

So, what does Manchin think about Schumer’s goal of having a vote before Christmas? If they thought they had Manchin on board with this, think again.

When asked about getting it done in the Senate over the next month, Manchin said he had “a lot of concerns” about that. When told about the Biden Administration’s new claim/lie that somehow the bill will reduce inflation, Manchin expressed doubt. What person with an un-indoctrinated brain cell wouldn’t? “I really haven’t heard any specifics on that one. They say it’s going to lower [inflation]? I’ll have to check on that one,” he said.


Today, he seemed slightly more amenable to the concept of a vote this year. But that doesn’t mean he’s on board.

It’s pretty clear that whatever they might do in the House, they still don’t have Manchin on board. He’s basically saying he doesn’t control the time, so Schumer’s going to ultimately do what he wants on that. But it doesn’t mean he’ voting for it.

So, prepare for the meltdown that’s incoming.


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