The Amusing Display We Are Seeing of ‘Biden’s Remorse’

They keep serving examples of once-ardent backers of Biden expressing dismay he is behaving as warned.

In the wake of Joe Biden’s ascendency to the White House there have been ample reasons to feel disappointment, consternation, and other negative reactions. Some solace can be found however in seeing those who supported the candidacy of Meandering Joe now becoming surprised at what President Silver Alert is delivering once in office. 

The real amusement is that the items which have the devoted backers feeling dismay have been the kind of things that were not only predictable but actually voiced by many on the right. It is not as if Biden was some sort of gauzy man-of-mystery; The ‘’Cipher from Scranton’’ was so blatantly known for his agenda the only way you could have come away with questions is if you only listened to the mainstream press, who refused to challenge the wandering candidate on specifics, and gleefully accepted the repeated announcements of a lid being called on his activities.

However, Biden’s actions in his brief tenure have already led to a number of laughable reactions of a regretful nature. Heath Mayo has had a tough time of it the past few months. The staunch ‘’conservative’’ first had to attempt sidestepping from his past support of The Lincoln Project in the wake of its scandals. Now he expresses disapproval of the Biden effort to pack the Supreme Court.

In a similar fashion was vocal conservative Never Trumper/Biden backer Stephen Hayes. He seemed to take exception with Biden’s budget proposals.

That either one of these political wizards can claim any kind of surprise — feigned or genuine — to Biden’s proposals of this nature exonerates anyone from ever listening to them again. The court packing was a long-running issue while he campaigned, and Joe’s spending desires have never been a secret. His campaign website laid out his check-writing fanaticism. Then there is the border issue.

‘’We took him at his word,’’ says Reynaldo Cavazos, one member of a family that owns property along the Rio Grande River. ‘’He is not keeping that word.’’ The family has long battled the federal government in Eminent Domain cases regarding their border property. Reynaldo’s sister, Baudilia “Lilly” Cavazos Rodriguez, also expressed disappointment in her President. “He did say, not one more foot. And then with this going on, with them taking possession, they can do whatever they want now.” 

Their surprise comes as a result of a federal case that ruled in favor of the Justice Department, which granted the government the right to take possession of 6.5 acres of land belonging to the family. The surprise is somewhat acceptable, given that he campaigned by pledging ‘’not one more foot’’ of the wall would be built, as well as curtailing any further land seizures. One of Biden’s first executive orders was to put an end to the border wall construction, but understandably Cavazos Rodriguez, who voted for Biden, today states she feels betrayed. This is what will happen when you place your faith in a man who is both rudderless and dispatched his moral compass.

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This brings us to another group befuddled in their backing of Biden, on the basis of morality. The group Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden announced how they came to feel betrayed by President Biden strengthening his position on abortion. Yes, seriously. How anyone who takes abortion seriously would look at Joe Biden as taking a position that is anything less than rock-ribbed in support of abortion is a mystery. The man has never wavered on this issue, and he never campaigned last year on anything but fervent support of the procedure. 

That this group can even invoke the term ‘’betrayed’’ on this topic is a reflection on the broader problems seen with the other issues listed. Those expressing opposition to Biden’s moves clearly never spent time actually listening to the man. His word is as dependable as a walking cane made of balsa wood; the moment you need to depend on it the most is the same moment it will splinter into failing pieces, leaving you flailing on the ground.

When you buy into the sales pitch of this man who told you what he would do there is little mystery remaining who is responsible for your Biden’s Remorse today.


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