After Criticizing the Biden Campaign for Avoiding the Hunter Biden News Developments Jake Tapper Avoids the Story Outright



‘How dare they’ says the one who dares do the same.

Not even sure how to reconcile this one. CNN’s Jake Tapper, for a spell, had shown some of his old tendencies and looked to be returning to the realm of semi-serious journalism. As the news outlets in the is country were in the process of exposing their partisan grift in the way they were handling the Hunter Biden story, Tapper looked as if he was finally reaching back to his old standards in covering the affair. 


As his network grudgingly began covering the story they intentionally avoided in the pre-election weeks, Tapper took exception with the response from the Biden camp and, by all appearances, was engaging in some stern journalistic accountability being leveled at the group.

This did not last. While it appeared Jake was about to be holding Biden’s feet to the fire he went ahead and instead dumped a bucket of water on the flames. During his Sunday program ‘’State Of The Union’’, just days after these pointed comments, the expected follow up to this lecture never arrived. In fact there was nothing even mentioned. As all the other Sunday news programs held their versions of the Hunter Biden reports Tapper went his whole program without even mentioning the Hunter fiasco.

In fact most of the program was a bit of an embarrassment. Jake covered the pandemic issues and had Bill Gates on to discuss the near future. The Microsoft titan said it would be over a year before we see normalcy again, as he proposed shutting the country down for up to 6 months. Two wealthy and privileged men — including one of the world’s richest billionaires — who will be wholly unaffected telling small businesses to suck it up for another year was a horrid display.


Tapper also dedicated long segments to covering President Trump’s battle of voting returns, taking the time to be harshly critical of the challenges levied against the voting results. Then, as if he intentionally strove to discredit himself on the matter, Tapper invited two guests to discuss the issue — Al Gore, and Stacey Abrams. If you are in the process of condemning the actions of challenging the election and suggesting how this is a consummate threat to our democracy, why would you have on the two figures who are primarily known for challenging election results?!

This is what the CNN host felt was a better issue to cover than the Hunter Biden investigation that lit up the media landscape. In a matter of days Tapper went from pointing a finger in lecturing fashion on the story to completely avoiding it. This is most likely due to the CNN executives pulling the plug on the story. In the recent conference call tapes released by Project Veritas it was exposed how Jeff Zucker and the staff were intentionally killing the Hunter details. Jake Tapper, it seems, was meekly following orders from the CNN brass.

While the media environment has been in a devolutionary decline for some time, one of the more disappointing departures from normalcy has been that of Jake Tapper. He had once been looked at as that rare breed among the journalists who was willing to be critical of both sides (granted, not with an even balance), and that he also engaged in jovial departures into topics like sports and the culture. But Trump has broken the one at CNN closest to being bearable.


Through the past few years Tapper was seen evolving to a more biased creature. For a time he seemed to be resisting the partisan zombification — such as the affliction witness with the likes of S.E. Cupp — but as the Trump term moved forward Jake became growingly hostile and less balanced. Throughout this year Jake became less objective, then the presumptive win by Joe Biden weeks ago led to a wholesale shift in Tapper’s approach.

Not only was the CNN host openly hostile towards the administration (referring to Trump’s family as ‘’the President’s spawn’’ was kind of a tell, Jake) he also turned into a Joe Biden fan-boy. He recently gave a lengthy interview to the newly anointed leader and he came away sounding like a star-struck autograph-seeking fanatic. It is a sad and pathetic maturation of his career, but one that is revelatory all the same.


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