The Hunter Biden Media Corruption Should Be Studied as the Most Blatant Case of Journalistic Malpractice

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Laying out the case is a staggering example of how bad things have become.

We may have just witnessed a watershed moment in our national news industry. The press corps have reached a point where they either believe they are above accountability, or they simply no longer care if they expose themselves. It is probably both.

This week the press has done a remarkable 180 on a news story, where across the media landscape they are reporting on the legal wrangling involving Hunter Biden. This is a complete reversal from just two months ago, when the press, almost to an outlet, boldly declared they would not report on the story. Well, now that the election has passed and they received the returns they all cheered for, they can be free to commit acts of journalism once again.

That is most astounding in this development is not simply that they clearly steered away from a story for the sake of ensuring an election result, but the manner in which they did so. This was more than just a coordinated whitewash, although it was most assuredly that; the press has now completely undermined its own practices to such a level that they can be regarded as corrupt. This is not hyperbole. The evidence is blatant, and it is very clearly laid out.

First, recall back in October when the Hunter Biden laptop story was broken open by the New York Post. Almost all the major news outlets had dismissed and disregarded the case as hearsay. Then a letter was produced from 50 former officials from the intelligence community who all signed on that this news story felt like a Russian disinformation campaign. The Post, as we recall, was deplatformed on Twitter over the spreading of false information — which the major news outlets are now reporting on as verifiable. This is the fulcrum that should completely shake these outlets from their foundations as reputable news agencies.

Here are just some of the outlets that took this approach to the Hunter story — all of whom in the past few days have come around to actually report now that the story is in fact a legitimate one.

The New York Times may have kicked off the deflection campaign on October 14, detailing how the intel may have derived from the Ukraine, with Russia hacking their servers to glean information. It also details how the social media platforms would begin shutting down the stories. Allegation on Biden Prompts Pushback From Social Media Companies. There is no hard evidence presented, and all of the sourcing is anonymous, yet everything is delivered as factually established.

The Washington Post justified not digging into the details the next day by citing a year old news item, White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump. More than a week later the paper was still leaning on the Russian angle, even when it was appearing there was scant evidence to be found. In an astounding admission they wrote, We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.

CNN did all it could to push the Russian angle, having on Democrat politicians to insist it was so, letting James Clapper claim Russian influence was at play, and even Christiane Amanpour declaring to RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington that although she is a journalist who relies on facts, ‘’We’re not going to do your work for you.’’

Politico was full on with the excusals, also willing to run the ‘’Russian disinformation narrative. Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say. While they were reticent to report on the particulars they did not hesitate in serving as the PR outlet for the Biden campaign, dutifully publishing the Biden office repudiations. Biden campaign lashes out at New York Post.

MSNBC was no less willing to engage in avoidance. Their staff was full on in favor of dismissing the storyRachel Maddow among them, laying into claims of Russia feeding a false story, including producer Kyle Griffin who had been a loud proponent of pushing the Russian collusion hoax.

NPR may have been the worst offender. Not only did the tax-funded news outlet repeat the Russian narrative but they declared, very boldly, how they would refuse to cover anything regarding the story. 

Now today every single one of these listed outlets covering the Hunter Biden developments, details they denied as being real just weeks ago. They had not only fought back on the story, they worked harder on giving reasons why they should not do any work investigating the story. Even after FBI Director Ratcliff declared they had the laptop, and the contents and emails had been verified as existing the press did all it could to declare the story dead.

Here is everything needed to see that this media complex in our nation is a completely corrupt entity. When a story broke that had tangible proof — literally hard evidence — they denied it existed. The rationale given was a Russian propaganda campaign being behind it all, yet there was no evidence — absolutely ZERO evidence — of Russian involvement behind the laptop story. That letter from 50 intel officials only said it ”feels” like Russian handiwork, with no proof at all ever offered. It leads us to a baffling conclusion

In order to deny physical proof of wrongdoing the journalists instead crafted a conspiracy theory absent any proof, all to declare a legitimate story was a conspiracy. The irony only deepens when you realize that those who were declaring a Russian-fed story to be the reason to avoid reporting on the legitimate story were the very same who spread Russian disinformation since 2016 regarding the collusion claims, which has been entirely debunked.

Our national media complex has completely exposed themselves to be exactly what has been alleged of them for years. There is no turning back from this, as they have now officially gone over the cliff of credibility, all in the name of swinging an election result. For the coming years the press are now required to be fully analyzed on a daily basis, as they have proven themselves to be a wholly corrupt entity.

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