Ben & Jerry’s Decides to Honor Fake Quarterback Colin Kaepernick with His Own Fake Ice Cream

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)



The only surprising part is that it took this long to create it.

Despite an abject lack of on-field accomplishments the media and leftist activists continue to force Colin Kaepernick onto the general public. His most notable achievement has been in opposing the police in this country, a stance that saw him elevated anew this year during the Black Lives Matter upheaval. This led to his being included in the latest release of the Madden 2021 video game, despite being out of the league for four seasons. Now comes word that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has created a new flavor to honor the deposed QB – ‘’Change The Whirled’’.  

The collaboration began earlier this year when the ice cream company teamed with Nike to have a branded B&J athletic shoe. The sneakers, which replicated the ice cream labels had cow designs, and the trademark logo appeared to be melting. The shoes came in large ice cream tubs. Proceeds from those sales were donated to Kaepernick’s Covid relief efforts through his Know Your Rights Camp foundation, and then the new ice cream was later developed.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the two partners behind the eponymous ice cream empire, are no strangers to social activism. Since its founding Ben & Jerry’s has been involved in numerous leftist causes and activism. The partners have protested, declared they would only use dairy from non-modified cows, wanted to change to environmental packaging, and even came out this year in support of the social protests across the country.

The two are so outspoken they wear their virtue signaling on their labels. Over the years they have released, or renamed, ice cream flavors in tribute to social causes. For gay marriage they issued Apple-ly Ever After, and changed the popular Chubby Hubby to ‘’Hubby Hubby’’ for the cause. The company gave tribute to Barack Obama with Yes Pecan, and for the 2016 election Bernie’s Yearning was created in support of Bernie Sanders. Earlier this year they addressed the social unrest with Justice ReMix’d getting released.

Though the partners sold the company to Unilever they are still involved as spokesmen, and the company continues with the social activism. Now they have teamed with social crank Colin Kaepernick, and the result seems to leave just as bad a taste as the honoree. The offering will actually be vegan, a nondairy frozen dessert featuring a caramel sunflower butter base with fudge chips, graham cracker swirls, and chocolate cookie swirls.

Colin has been leveraging publicity off of the fact that he is not currently playing in the league, despite the facts that it was he who walked away from a guaranteed contract, and last year when the NFL was staging a new tryout for his benefit with scouts from two dozen teams he changed the venue at the eleventh hour, so only a handful were able to even attend. 

Given that Kaepernick has subsisted on the publicity of alleged lockout collusion, the fake ice cream offering is fitting for a man touting himself as a faux quarterback.

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