The New Madden 2021 Release Features the Option to Have Colin Kaepernick on Your Roster

EA Sports


The corporate fealty being paid to this disruptive also-ran continues.

It is the kind of announcement that both induces eye-rolls, while at the same time becomes so pandering that you become surprised it has not already been done. EA Sports, the producer of the extremely popular home video game Madden 2021 has revealed that they will include Colin Kaepernick as a player option. The unsigned former NFL quarterback will be offered in-game as the highest-rated free agent. 

To suggest that this is a dose of corporate pandering is more than a guess. Look at the explanation given by ES Sports about the decision.


The appearance of the man alone raises questions, but the way they have him slotted as an option is outright laughable. They describe him as a ‘’starting-caliber quarterback’’, which is amusing, given he was barely that in his final years in the NFL. He has not played in the pros for four years. Yet according to EA Sports, he has gotten better…?

If you have not played the video game, the players are ranked with a skill score to indicate how well they will perform in a game-time scenario. Here is how ridiculous it has become. In his final two seasons, Kaepernick had a record of 3-16, and in 2016 — his final season — he had one victory in 11 games. In his final 2 years, his win-loss record ranked him 34th in the league, his completion percentage was 32nd, and his quarterback rating had him at 31st in the NFL.

Now, Madden has granted Kaepernick an ‘’81’’ rating, which inexplicably is higher than his rating during his last year in the league, which was a woeful ‘’74’’. Somehow his kneeling and activism now see him ranked higher than half the QBs. Below him are LA’s explosive Jared Goff, last year’s surprise producer Ryan Tannehill, and even former MVP Cam Newton, who is starting in New England this weekend. 

And just to put a capper on the pandering, it has been learned that if you play CK and he manages to score, you will get a digitized dose of his social activism.

Press ‘’X’’, Get Woke.