Catholic Group to Spend almost $10 Million in Biden Opposition Ads with Little Media Interest

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden meets with community members at Grace Lutheran Church in Kenosha, Wis., Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Just consider how often cable news shows have covered anti-Trump commercials.

It is with equal doses of frustration and amusement that the news media in this country continue to expose themselves as the de facto PR wing of the Democrat party. One of the most recent examples was covered by Becca Lower, where Katy Tur blamed the wave of Trump supporters telling her Joe Biden is a puppet candidate for others was delivered by the  ‘’Fox News echo chamber’’. That we have Biden, Kamala Harris, AOC, and others declaring on camera how his office will basically be subjugated is the laughable aspect, but the media bias is ever present this election.

News this week was that a Catholic political advocacy group, Catholic Vote, has pledged $9.7 million to run targeted commercials and digital advertising in swing states exposing the sham of Joe Biden being labeled as a ‘’devout Catholic’’. This is the canard forwarded by the press at its convenience, whenever Biden is targeted for criticism of his faith. His regular visits to church are highlighted over Trump’s attendance figures, photos are taken of Joe clutching a rosary, and his being the first Catholic Vice President. (This is something of a hollow tout, given that JFK was the first Catholic President.)

The concern with Biden and his sanctity is that he has regularly presented views and policies which run in direct conflict with his faith. It has been a criticism that lands a blow when it is shown how Joe frequently puts his party allegiance over his adherence to the Church conscripts. His stance on abortion is the primary objection. Joe has also stood in to officiate same sex weddings, something the Church does not recognize. He has also been a proponent of the Obamacare policy that would mandate that Catholic schools and entities be required to pay for birth control in health care plans.


These are not the acts of a man who places his faith above being of the world. Catholic Vote intends to show how Biden seems more likely to use his faith as a political asset, something he hauls out as a matter of expediency rather than his driving influence. The press also takes a rather two-sided approach to his faith. 

When they mention his Catholicism it is always in glowing terms, and there is always an air of condescension delivered to those daring to question his solemnity. Yet when the actual tenets of that Catholic faith are presented they are the very issues the same press corps would call intolerant or extremist views. The opposition of gay marriage is hateful, and the denial of abortion eliminates the liberty of half of our population, goes the narrative. A Catholic school refusing to fund birth control threatens the lives of females, somehow.

What is revealed is how the electronic media is not undertaking the same practice we have been witnessing in regards to opposition groups running commercials degrading President Trump. CNN has been displaying many of  the agitprop ad spots from The Lincoln Project, and MSNBC enthusiastically plays new videos from the pro-Biden PAC, Republicans Voting Against Trump, and even the parent news network joins in. These are not purchased commercial spots; the news nets play these as actual news items. The releases are said to be creating a stir, the reaction alluded to on social media becoming the justification to run these clips for free, granting an in-kind political donation to aid the Biden election effort.


Let us sit back and see if anyone does the same with these anti-Joe Biden commercials, noting whether they receive the same level of attention. I have faith that these spots centered on questioning Biden’s devout Catholicism do not have a prayer at being featured as prominently.


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