The List of Tasteless Attacks on the RNC Convention by the Left Displays Their Desperation

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Congressional candidate for North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn speaks during night three of the Republican National Convention. (Screenshot via C-SPAN)


The Republican convention has done great work in getting the press and the Dems to reveal their true sides


One constant in the Republican convention has been the vitriolic way Democrats and the media have reacted to the speakers throughout this week. After the first two nights we have seen some disturbing reactions towards the individuals who have spoken, so much so that during last night’s presentation here on the RedState liveblog it was speculated by a few on how the left would lash out at individuals.

The left did not disappoint.

Following Monday’s presentation the outrage ensued. When former NFL star Herschel Walker appeared he had glowing words for President Trump. The two men have been friends for decades, but many on the left could not abide seeing him support their sworn enemy. So rabid was the response by Colin Kaepernick supporters at seeing a former athlete dare discuss politics that the term ‘’Uncle Tom’’ was trending on Twitter.

Nikki Haley was also one to absorb her share of barbs. After being referred to a s ‘’whaite woman’’ it was said she had no place discussing racial issues, while being misquoted. She was accused of changing her name to ‘’Nikki’’ as a result of racism. Hint – that name appears on her birth certificate. Even attempts at fact-checking her speech proved her correct. Huh.

Jon Ponder, a black former inmate, has not only rehabilitated himself but has started an organization to aid inmates in rehabilitating their lives. President Trump made a formal pardon of Ponder’s sentence, and the left railed about it. The pardon was scorned as a political tool. Ponder has been investigated, with journalists declaring he could not endorse a candidate as a board member of a 501-c-3 non-profit. These same journalists were unbothered when 501-c-3 member Michelle Obama spoke at the Democrat convention exactly one week prior.


When Maximo Alvarez spoke eloquently about the vile nature of communism as he witnessed in his homeland of Cuba it was a moving moment. The pressed moved on however. They found the need to expose the fact that Max is a business owner, and he has lobbied politicians for signage ordinances. Also, it was exposed that this man speaking at the Republican convention has donated money to…the Republican party. Dastardly.

Then there was the swearing in ceremony for new citizens. President Trump had five individuals from different nations in the White House to be sworn in as US citizens. It was a rather warm moment, so of course the people who push immigration harder than anyone had to become enraged over this event. The funniest dose of lacking in self awareness were those screeching that swearing in legal residents would not erase the President’s record on addressing…illegal immigration. 

That kind of emotional leap to outrage is a pattern for the left this week.

When Melani Trump gave her speech Tuesday evening it of course drew the rebukes, and they were of the sexist and insulting sort from some. Those mocking the way she speaks, such as the Divine Bette Midler, have no concept how petty and intolerant they appear when they lie in the mud in this fashion.


Last night Sister Dierdre Byrne spoke, giving a warm and impassioned message about life, mentioning abortion and the fluid Catholic standards exhibitedd by Joe Biden. Julia Ioffe attempted to rush to Joe’s defense, dismissing Sister Bryne as simply ‘’a nun in a habit’’, in order to imply she was somehow incorrect. She was not. Byrne happens to be a medical doctor, as well as being a colonel in the US Army. Julia, meanwhile is…a blogger.

The White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave a very emotional address where she spoke about her decision to get a double mastectomy, detailing her decision and how the President was supportive of her through the process. A member of the Lincoln Project insulted her over her speech – just as they are sending out a message to support all women — and David Axelrod had to lead a chorus of opposition to her comments, in classy-as-always fashion.


As hard as it is to select the worst take of the convention, this effort from PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor is tough to beat. Yamiche has been especially bitter this week, but after getting bothered by the naturalization ceremony she really hit the depths to level criticism at candidate for North Carolina’s representative seat, Madison Cawthorn. If unfamiliar, Cawthorn is wheelchair bound, but after a gripping speech a pair of handlers came out and with their help and the aid of a brace he stood to say The Pledge of Allegiance.

Alcindor saw this and managed to come up with a stunted, sour take on the display.

Amazing. She actually said that a parapalegic was insulting to professional athletes. To have the mindset to craft that response and be completely unaware of how it sounds is a staggering testament to obliviousness. But that has been the norm from many of Yamiche’s allies the past three days.

Since Monday the left has used racist terms towards a black man, tried insulting a POC female, criticized a black male who rehabilitated, demeaned an immigrant business owner, ridiculed the naturalization of immigrants, insulted numerous females in sexist fashion, and defended professional athletes from a mean man in a wheelchair.


No, they are not at all nervous about this election cycle.


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