This Hollywood Actor Exposes the Idiocy of ‘Defund The Police’ by Stumbling to Explain the Solutions

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If this is the best you can do then your platitude is completely doomed.

It is one of the hallmarks of the hectoring Leftist that the more nonsensical their commentary is the greater the likelihood they will be insufferably condescending in their defense. In the current social upheaval note how so many are calling out to ‘’Defund the Police’’, yet when they embark on explanations they become fumbling dolts — while ridiculing those opposing their view. The president of the Minneapolis City Council was asked what citizens would do while being robbed at home and there was no police force — she evaded the question by saying it was being asked from a position of white privilege. That non-answer speaks volumes.


In that fashion Hollywood actor Simu Liu has been a very outspoken supporter of the current Black Live Matter outrage, and he is a loud proponent of the call to Defund the Police. If you are unfamiliar with him by name he is a Canadian character actor who will be starring in the upcoming Marvel entry ‘’Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’’. Simu’s explanation of things is so wrongheaded that it would be charitable to call it ‘’simplistic’’.

Uh Huh, he just proposed that is the case. The complete tearing down and reconstruction of our centuries-old national criminal justice system is no different than Sony Studios making a comic book hero movie. It appears the elevated thinker received some critiques on his proposal. He followed that wisdom by addressing the conservatives who responded to him, because only trolls and conservatives would possibly look at his infantile tweet with a critical eye.


Oh…oh Simu, just stop. Brushing aside the use of a Vox item to make your point, the very fact that you state abolishing the police does not mean ‘removing the police’ is an abject lack of self-awareness. Maybe the fact that he speaks Canadian means there is a loss of meaning in the translation???

His applying condescension to his response — while displaying ignorance of the term he used — almost completely undermines everything being stated. The ratio he received on this missive was well earned. But the vacancy of this whole movement is on full display with his explainer of what ‘’defund’’ will lead to for solutions.

This is both amazing, and completely revealing of what we are dealing with in the current debate. This laundry list of replacement entities which take the place of a police force is a laughable tally of social engineering that would deliver disastrous results. To illustrate just how impaired this system as a solution would be let us pose to him the same question asked of the Minneapolis Councilwoman. Imagine for the sake of discussion your home is being broken into at 1:00am, but you no longer have a police force to call in for assistance. If you are to dial 911 what is likely to happen when Simu Liu’s replacement system is on the other line?


Social Workers – These red tape bureaucrats are not only ill-prepared for late-night home invasions, but calling them is likely to provide the recorded phone message, ”We’re sorry, all caseworkers are currently assisting other clients. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received…’’

Crisis staff trained in de-escalation – A possibly helpful entity here, provided your home invader is amenable to curtailing their attack on your home and family and is willing to speak with the de-escalation counselor on the phone.

Women’s Shelters – Not to denigrate these helpful operations, but in the case of a robbery these are more useful as after-the-fact support systems.

Counsellors [sic] – See above. This is a person more helpful to you after suffering the trauma of a home invasion.

Planned Parenthood – Just…I mean, what the hell?! How exactly does THIS organization have any involvement whatsoever in replacing a police force?! The mystifying aspect here is that all of this current outrage surrounds the strife on black communities and many like Liu want to bring in this outfit that commits annual genocide on blacks.

Therapists – Again, more helpful in dealing with the effects of a violent episode — assuming you survive the incident, of course.


Safe Injection Sites – I am just at a loss with this one. Maybe if the robbers were otherwise occupied at one of these locations, they will not break in…?

Rehab – Can only guess this is to curtail recidivism? Maybe it is considered trickle-down crime prevention?

Community Outreach – So instead of calling the police, we will call the neighbors over to respond to a break-in.

Night Classes – This could be a preemptive plan. If you are in class at night then you are not home while it is being robbed, then you would not have the need to call the police — but good news, there are counselors and therapists available to help you to deal with your loss the next day.

Affordable Health Care – Guessing this is another effort to disincentivize crime. If they can afford their prescriptions then criminals will not need to pilfer to pay for them. We need to look into the crime stats following the implementation of Obamacare.


These are the vaunted thinkers who are out there right now, bleating about how white supremacy is ingrained in our police system and this is cause to have it removed entirely. Instead of arguing the points and facts on the matter, it will be best to simply ask them questions on the issue and solutions. Based on what we have heard so far, letting these activists speak and invalidating themselves is the best solution going.



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