When Charlie Sykes and 'The Bulwark' Compare the Pandemic to VietNam, It Requires a War of Words in the Form of a Covid-War Diary

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This Twitter bomb thread is one response to that level of idiocy.

It has been one of the more moronic comparatives to be made during the pandemic. It began with ‘’brave’’ reporter Olivia Nuzzi at the White House task force briefing, asking President Trump on Monday if he felt he should be reelected when there have been more deaths from this outbreak than in the VietNam War. That stunted line of questioning was applauded by numerous members of the press (Nuzzi dutifully retweeted the praise she was receiving) and the narrative was picked up in the press and social media.


One of the unsurprising sources of seal-clapping over this nonsensical equating of a war and the pandemic was from Never-Trump advocate Charlie Sykes and his shipmates over at their billionaire liberal-funded website The Bulwark. Writer J.V. Last jumped on Nuzzi’s boxcar in a lengthy piece and, along with dramatic graphics included, Sykes pimped out the very unserious position.

With this insistence on the insipid it really only stands to reason to respond to this idiocy with mockery. So, with Sykes insisting on taking this war footing, I followed his line of unreasoning and drew up the scenario where what we are all enduring here with the pandemic is, in fact, a war.




Ridiculous and hyperbolic? To be sure. But that is precisely the response Captain Sykes and his merry band of ship stewards deserved. After delivering that level of flotsam punditry, they have earned the mockery.


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