The Coronavirus Canceled One Television Reunion but Also Creates Another

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Networks and streamers are still struggling to conjure up a full slate of intended content.

The impact of the imposed quarantine on the entertainment industry is an ever-evolving issue. With so many stuck at home there has been scrambling and shifting between the streaming entities. New services that had long been scheduled to be taking place have had advanced rollouts, except one of those most looked at in anticipation has been delayed.


Productions are on complete hold with segregation mandates and one of those that has been stalled is a highly anticipated reunion of a beloved sitcom. HBO Max is one of those new Netflix competitors and they had intended to bring back the entire cast of ‘’Friends’’ as a kickoff for the service to be carrying the very popular program. This was a much-hyped option, as NBCUniversal is also poised to roll out its streaming service soon.

It looks odd that ‘’Friends’’ is appearing on the HBO platform but that service has taken on many of the Warner Brothers’ content, which was the production company of the sitcom. ‘’Friends had long been one of the most streamed programs on Netflix, and it is highly touted to appear at the end of next month on the new platform’s debut, on May 27..

The reunion has been scuttled as the cast cannot convene for the planned show, but in a twist of viral fate there is another famed NBC sitcom making a return, as a result of the pandemic. This coming Thursday ‘’Parks and Recreation’’ will be staging a reunion show in a pandemic-themed show to benefit Feeding America, hoping to raise funds to aid those impacted by the coronavirus shutdown.

The special episode will be concerning the cast dealing with separation orders and will be the first network program broadcast concerning the pandemic. At CBS they announced the filming of an episode of the drama ‘’All Rise’’ made with social separating standards. That episode is still in production, expected to be broadcast on May 4..


Corporate sponsors Subaru and State Farm will also be offering up matching donations, with viewers prompting to also donate during the Thursday evening broadcast.


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