Joe Biden’s Extremist Debate Performance Just Gave President Trump All the Needed Ammunition for a Campaign

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

In an appeal for Bernie’s voters, Biden just handed over the blueprints to dismantle his campaign.

It has been obvious that the Democratic National Committee has been angling to install Joe Biden as their presumptive presidential nominee. In the face of a wide field of candidates growing increasingly extreme Biden was regarded as the face and the voice of sanity and electability, the best chance to take down the nefarious Donald Trump. Then in Arizona on Sunday Biden bizarrely turned into one of the very extremists the DNC was hoping to expunge.


Last night while we covered the 11th Democratic Party debate there was a moment early on in the drudgery that it was speculated that Joe Biden may be winning. This was less a result of masterful political craft than it was a default result when compared to the extremism being spouted by Bernie Sanders. It was a case of being less crazy and looking saner as a result.

Then Biden went ahead and lurched towards the extreme left-wing. Either Joe felt settled in and wanted to establish his liberal street cred, or possibly sensing his impending nomination he made a play to appeal to the Sanders voting contingent. Whichever, or even if both are in play, it could become a severe miscalculation on his part once the general election is underway.

Biden took on a number of issues that are pet projects for Democrats, and he managed to go further left from those positions. Once such instance was his pledging to support abortion in every possible form. This despite the fact the country has been leaning further away from the extremism of the Democrats and actual procedures continues to fall. The voices from his party who have supported abortion all the way to full term delivery have been met with scorn, but Joe seemed to stride right over and toss an arm around the shoulders of those promoting what most view to be infanticide.


The next issue he took to the far extreme was immigration. In a bid to seemingly keep with Sanders on the issue Biden went off fully cocked. Sanders mentions on his first day he would suspend removing anyone here illegally who has not committed a crime, that everyone who is here already would be permitted to stay. (Then in a farcical fashion he followed by insisting he was not in favor of open borders. If you can reconcile that, let me know how.) Biden stumbled forward with his own brash plan; during his first 100 days in office no one would be deported, for any reason.

Those here flaunting our laws, and committing violent crimes must be marking their calendars. The announcement of making the U.S. a de facto sanctuary country must sound awfully tempting to masses across the globe right now.

The last instance where Joe went far afield of the reservation was regarding energy. Biden pledged that he would suspend all drilling being done by oil companies. “No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period. Ends.” As we will show in a moment, this is itself a staggering announcement. But he did not stop there — ironically in pledging to impact our energy sector he stood on the gas pedal.


When it came to fracking he pledged, “No more, no new fracking in my administration.” And next, just to spew more political carbon emissions, “Not another coal plant will be built” once he takes office. And, because this is Biden, he had to profess the need for highspeed rail, promising that he would do so to remove ”millions’’ of vehicles from the roads. This is an amazingly dim array of promises for a leading candidate to make, in light of the realities we are experiencing.

This country has completely upended the global oil markets in recent years as we have ramped up both domestic production and expanded our natural gas output. This has placed us in strong position of exporting more crude and, as an added bonus that Democrats continuously ignore, it has also helped us to lower our greenhouse emissions as a nation. Russia has become so untethered by this development it has recently pulled itself from OPEC in a bid to recover in its overreliance of oil revenues.

Joe Biden wants to dismantle all of that, for no other reason than to cater to the extremist wing of his party. He would certainly not be doing so for the benefit of this nation, and that is something that President Trump will gleefully exploit. That Biden gave debate fodder in the form of extremist abortion standards, abject lax immigration policy, and the complete crippling of our energy markets is hilariously inept of the candidate.


The Trump election team would have been cheering to receive any of those nuggets for their reelection effort. For Biden to provide them with three such windfalls means the speeches are already being written and the debate prep being scripted. This was a huge bonus for the President to receive in the midst of a crisis.


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